Everything that you might want to know about Chinese weddings


Every country and culture has its own set of wedding rituals and traditions. In a Chinese wedding, you have the modern Christian wedding and the traditional ones. While the Christian wedding is followed in most places, however, the authentic traditional wedding is also equally poplar. There are some cultural and traditional elements, which give the wedding an authentic look.

If you are planning to have a traditional wedding, you need to ensure that you follow the traditional rituals to give it an authentic feel. Planning a Chinese wedding is not tough, this is because this wedding has many simple elements. The beauty of this wedding is enhanced with the richness of vibrant colors. Let us look at some of the factors that you need to look into while planning such a wedding.

Rituals of a Chinese wedding


Chinese weddings are known for their simplicity and beauty. Each tradition and ritual in the wedding plays an equal importance and role. While the wedding is simple, however, the reception can be a little elaborate. In a traditional wedding, the groom’s side pays for the wedding reception.

The Banquet generally lasts for two or more hours and is a lavish affair. The guests have to sign a large scroll or the wedding book before entering the wedding hall. Along with that, they also come with red envelopes which are handed over before they enter. A record of the amount of money is given during by the guests and handed over to the bride and groom.

After the wedding, the relatives and close friends play pranks on the bride and groom at the bridal chamber. Another ritual that is significant in a Chinese wedding is that of cutting a small portion of hair. This is a symbol of the fact that they are two bodies and one soul.

After a few days, the bride goes back to her maiden home to visit her family before going for honeymoon.

Choosing a traditional wedding dress


The wedding dress that the bride wears is known as a qipao. In a traditional wedding, the bride has a choice to choose one of three dresses, either a white or red qipao or the traditional white dress or a ball gown. During the wedding, the bride changes her gown after a certain time.

When the bride enters the wedding banquet, she is seen wearing any one of these dresses. Her next change happens after the serving of the first three courses when she wears the third wedding dress after the sixth curse of the wedding.

On the other side, the groom can opt to wear either one dress or make a choice of wearing two. Traditionally, the men wear a Mao suit or Zhongshan suit. The elderly guests who attend the wedding also wear the Mao suit.

The significance of wedding flowers in a Chinese wedding


In a Chinese wedding, ideally the flowers are used for decorative purposes. They are generally red and pink in color. Even the bridal bouquet is also made from real flowers. In the Chinese wedding, there are certain flowers that have a particular significance.

The most popular flower that is used in a Chinese wedding is the Lilly.  This flower signifies the union of the couple for 100 years. It is also a representation of the bringer of sons.

Another flower that symbolizes the married couple and the love they share is Orchid. Along with that, it is also a symbolic of fortune and wealth.

The Lotus is another flower that is used in most Chinese weddings. The symbolization of a complete union is the bud and leaf of a blooming lotus.

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