Exquisite antique wedding rings for bride

A wedding ring is something every bride and groom look forward to. And what better than one which is antique and unique and at the same time priceless! An antique wedding ring not only has a charm of its own but also carries a gamut of emotions. For example a ring worn by a 19th century couple and passed on to a 21st century generation would hold a special place for most. Not only does it outshine a modern, well-sculpted ring, it also bears a shine and glow which one wouldn’t find in rings available today. After all ‘Old is Gold’!

Assembled is a list of antique wedding rings for you:

Platinum Antique Bezel and Pave Set wedding ring

The defining ring looks charming and mesmerizing. It has a beautiful outlook and an enchanting vintage appeal. The brilliantly cut diamonds bestows a perfect classic appearance. The stunning display of bezel and pave setting grabs a lot of attention in the first look. The center diamond look works as a cherry on the cake and looks marvelous and perfectly classic and vintage.

The antique Filigree wedding ring

The antique wedding jewelry has got a fabulous design and appearance. It has a certain soothe attached to it which lends it a calm appearance. The ring has got a five side covered prong setting that gives it a unique antique look. The bezel and the shank setting of the ring steal away the hearts with its intrinsic work. It’s a sure short charmer and instant eye grabber.

Diamond Vintage Engagement Wedding Ring Set Engraved Antique Filigree

The beautiful antique ring looks perfect antique and awe-inspiring. The double band attribute of the ring serves as its main attraction and asset. It looks purely mesmerizing. The round shank gives it a nice shape and compliments the design well. The intricate designing of the ring exhibits finesse and delicacy. The four prong setting allows it look more stunning and astonishing.

Cubic zirconia Antique wedding ring

The cubic zirconia antique wedding ring exhibits complete finesse and class of an antique ring. The center studded diamond looks astonishing and captivating. The floral pattern of the ring grabs a lot of compliments in the gathering. It is fully studded with gleaming diamonds all over the floral pattern of the ring.

Classic antique wedding ring

Elegant, classy and stylish, theses three defines this beauty accurately. The ring has got a beautiful shape with designing all over the body. The ring pattern on the halo setting looks completely antique and typical. The band also has a grace attached to it which makes it even more eye appealing.

Antique ring with blue diamonds

The lustrous ring has it all what it needs to be an enchanting antique wedding ring. The ring is beautiful from all sides and corners, when seen with naked eye. It has a striking design with four corner setting having layers and blue diamond’s studded beautifully into it. The four prong setting allows smother grip and appearance. The band is also studded with fine diamonds which exhibits grace and panache.

Diamond studded antique wedding ring

If one has to define style and grace equally, then this is the design to adore. The ring looks completely breathtaking and has got every element to exemplify style and sophistication. The ring has got antique band which makes it look even more traditional and static. The center diamond lends it a strong appearance along with the circular diamond centric halo setting.

Blue and silver diamond antique ring

It is one of the most esteemed designs in this whole collection. It is crafted in an intriguing pattern. The design is grand and classic. It perfectly explains the concept of antique wedding rings. The center stone accompanied with small diamonds in the halo setting look fabulous. The base layer of blue diamond lends it an unusual stylish look. The leaf and floral pattern of the ring looks different and exceptional.

Diamond band antique wedding ring

It’s a ring with the most classic and exuberant designs of all times. The ring has a central stone which completely defines an antique appearance. The round band complements the look well. The four prong setting of the ring perfectly combines the beauty and style of the ring.

Round antique diamond ring

The criss cross band ring is one of its own. It is creatively and artistically designed with a perfect halo setting that looks astonishing. The big round diamond looks enigmatic and gleaming.

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