Fantastic Duo: World’s tallest man weds a girl half his height

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At last the world’s tallest man, Bao Xishun found his ladylove, when he married Xia Shujian, who is two third of his height and half his age.

56-year-old Bao Xishun, from Mongolia stands 7ft 9in (2.3m) was recognized as the tallest man by Guinness Book of Records in 2005. By occupation Bao is a herdsman and also works for publicity stunts.

Bao claims to be a descendant of Genghis Khan (1162 to 1227) and tied the knots with 29-year-old bride, Xia Shujian at E’erduosi League, in inner Mongolia, a place where Genghis Khan’s remains are buried.

Xia who just reaches Bao’s elbow has been completely taken away by Bao. She is madly in love with Bao after just a one-month of courtship.

Boa began searching for his life partner last year and received some 20 offers of women from different regions. However no one seemed satisfactory to him. It was after that when he found Bao on his doorsteps.

The newlywed couple also dreams of having a tall son who would become a great basketball player.

His status of the tallest living man of the world also added glitz to his wedding ceremony. The whole affair had some 2,000 guests and was sponsored by more than 15 companies. These companies sponsored the event from the food and drink to the clothes of the couple.
I wish the newly weds health and happiness!

Source: Timesonline

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