Funny wedding gifts for the bride and groom!

Giving wedding gifts is a must and when you do who said they need to be all serious. Surely you must have come across a number of wedding gifts, but concocting your own list is more fun. Imagine the many things you could give to the bride and groom, and when in doubt make them laugh. It is a ceremonial function which witnesses the eternal bonding in between two lives. Everyone wants to make the occasion special and memorable, but some people wish to remember the occasion due to the fun aspect which was associated with their wedding, they wish to be tickled on their funny bones. The best way to make the wedding funnier is by gifting the soul mates and other funny wedding gifts to make a memory which will evoke smile, meek laughter followed by happiness in the minds of the wedding guests or the bride and the groom. Following are some exciting wedding gifts which will surely make the wedding ceremony comic.

Funny wedding topper’s:

This is a great gift to give although the wedding cake would have a wedding topper. This gift would give the other guests a good laugh. Why not have toppers which show the dominance of the bride in the relationship. That has always been found funny in layman terms. A topper with a man being treated as a dog would surely upon viewing share a good humorous moment amongst the bride and groom and the rest present at the wedding. The bride and groom could keep it as a memoire if not use it on the cake. Cake toppers are meant to be a bit off the beat.

Funny shirt quotes for the newly wed’s:

Let’s hope the bride and groom do not take such quotes seriously. Giving out t-shirts each for the bride and the groom as wedding gifts is perfect. You could have your own personal quote on it. You could have quotes which the bride, groom and you have known for ages and have found funny. Some quotes are priceless and upon reading innumerous times also give you a good laugh. Bring out your sense of humour on the t-shirts for you buddies who are exchanging vows.Both tees being gifted need not have the same quote’s.

Gifting a chastity belt to the bride:

A chastity belt for women has long been considered amusing. Have the bride play along a little and gift her, a chastity belt to which she would have a key which would be hidden in the newlywed’s room and the groom would have to find. The bride would surely enjoy this and everyone can have a good laugh over the finding game once over. They would remember it throughout their lives. for all you know they might have their own little game to play.

Wedding slinger game:

When the bride and groom want to go at each other they could try it out with this wedding slinger. It is fun toy which shall cause no harm to any one and they would find it witty. It is a game you can get at any local store and you need not pay a hefty amount for this. You can keep a lookout for some more fun items like this to gift to the bride and the groom. Get a couple of them and the future children could have some fun too. Who is going to fly next, the bride or the groom?

Wedding cake topper for the wackier section of society:

Some people might not find this funny, but give it good thought because some people fond of the Vegas crazy weddings and the Goth scenario might just enjoy these cake toppers. If you are planning on attending a wedding which is open to the wackiest of jokes going around then gift this to you friend who are going be married. You could also have the corpse bride cake topper if you choose too. You might be hesitant to bring this gift forward, let it be packed in a box without a name, if it’s found funny tell them who gifted it.

Chainsaw as a wedding gift:

When is the last time anyone gifted anyone a chainsaw for their wedding. It is a joke because it hasn’t happened. Go beyond your wildest imagination and gift the newlyweds a chainsaw. The bride could have a little fun when wanting to show dominance over her man. It is a thought not to be taken too seriously thou. If the bride and groom have a good sense of humour then they are sure to understand.

wedding rings handcuffed:

The bride and the groom and now to be together till eternity as the vows spell it out clearly. A funny thought would be having rings which are handcuffs in when the ring bearer appears he appears with these. The audience would be giggling in their seats in no time. The bride and groom can be forced to wear it the entire evening. It would be adorable along with a touch of hilarious.

Key chains with funny quotes:

Key-chains last long and have a different feel to them when given as a gift. You need not be stingy and give one keychain. You could also have funny quotes and saying on key chains and gift a couple of them to the bride and the groom. Something like game over for the newlyweds is funny. You could have your thoughts and one word jokes on what you think of the wedding. Remember it should be funny. It could be about the end of single hood or even fun for the bride and groom. Maybe you could have a bride hammering the groom, that could be funny.

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