Get over these old-fashioned wedding traditions on your big day

Your wedding is a big day for you and your would-be life partner. Thus, it is important that you plan it to reflect your own personalities rather than to be stuck in some irrelevant and unwritten rules from older times. Old-fashioned wedding traditions may not always suit your style. Thus, it is best to break them at the right time. Check out a few such traditions that still restrict people from being themselves on their wedding day.

Having a wedding book attendant

wedding couple just married

In the modern technological world, it seems meaningless to have a wedding book. Having an attendant for it is simply doing injustice to the attendant. Most wedding book attendants feel that it is a way to engage them in some way and not more than that. After all, they also want to enjoy the show. Additionally, do you think you would ever read the list of attendees after a few years? Instead, it is wiser to invest that money in something else.

Giving away the bride

Beautiful flower wedding decoration

This tradition has been continuing with the belief that a woman is her father’s property that becomes her husband’s property after marriage. It is like an exchange of the bride for a price. Why live with it on your special day? You dad could only walk you down the aisle.

Smashing the wedding cake into faces

Bride And Groom Cutting Cake

Another tradition is for the bride and the groom toshove the wedding cake into each other’s faces. All this just seems a waste of it that only creates a mess. You pay a huge sum for your special cake and for carrying that special look too. A better idea may be to share a bite together and leave the rest for others to enjoy.

The family of bride paying for the wedding

wedding expenses

It is high time this tradition is knocked off. With the present economy, it does not appear fair at all. The best is an equal division of wedding expenses between both sides.

Registering for typical wedding gifts

Give a gift

In several cases, the bride and the groom have been living together before their marriage. In that case, they set up their home and have all essential kitchen items. If they have to register for another set of typical kitchen gifts, then they might not want to do that. Instead, they should go for items they actually require. Wedding gifts do not come cheap.

Several wedding traditions have just been continuing without anybody acting against these. As some do not make sense in the modern world or waste precious investment of resources, it is always better to get rid of them.

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