Get your basics right on creating the perfect wedding invitation

One important aspect of planning a wedding would be getting the perfect wedding invitation card written out. Designing a wedding invite is also the time to get the creative juices flowing without being too exaggerated, of course. There is a general structure of how a wedding invitation is broken down. Below are some tips on making your very own wedding invite perfect.

Names of hosts

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A wedding invitation traditionally begins with the names of the hosts who are sending out invitations for the wedding. These hosts are usually the parents of the bride and the groom, or the bride and the groom themselves.

The Request for Presence

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The next step after penning down the names of the hosts who are organizing the wedding would be to add the request for the guests’ presence. This request can be worded and structured in several ways, with each way depicting the style and tone of the wedding to be held.

In requesting the presence of the guests to attend the mentioned wedding, the guests should also be addressed with their correct titles and due respect attributed to them. A married couple sharing the same family name, married couple with different family names and divorced couple should all be addressed appropriately.

Wedding Details

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The next step now would be to include the wedding information such as wedding date, time and venue. Depending on the design of the wedding invitation, this information can either be spelled out or written in numeric form. It is increasingly becoming common for this information to be written in numeric form. While the date, time and venue are included, it is also common to include details reception details if the guests are being invited for that as well. Additionally, it is also common for RSVP details to be added.

A sample wedding invitation can therefore be structured as below.

Mr. and Mrs. PeterJones


Mr. and Mrs. Andrew James

Request the pleasure of your company

At the marriage of their children

Jane Jones and Timothy James


Saturday, 10 August 2015

At 6pm

Crown Plaza Hotel

New York, New York

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Each wedding invitation will differ in design but typically, the general structure of all invitations would be somewhat similar. Next, the ceremony details such as time, location and date would be included. Coupled with a classy design, the perfect wedding invitation would be ready.

An invitation to the wedding should create a feeling of warmth and regard for the receiver. It is important to get the subtle details right.

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