Gold Engagement Rings: 10 Most Beautiful

For that once in a lifetime occasion, when you get the chance to express your love and your commitment to the one person you would like to spend your entire life with, make sure you make the most of it and present her something that she will cherish for a lifetime. The purity of gold and its solidarity represents the chastity of your love and its promise to last for an eternity. For your special occasion we have shortlisted the 10 best gold engagement rings. Take a look.

1. 14K Yellow Gold Oval White Topaz Gemstone and Diamond Engagement Ring
BRAND : Diviene

A sparkling gold ring, it embodies a classy design and has a universal appeal. The center of the 14k gold ring is ornamented with an oval white topaz gemstone. On either sides of the topaz, there is a sparkling diamond, which gracefully adorns and delicately enhances the beauty of the stone in the center. The average carat weight of the topaz is 0.86ct and that of the diamonds is 0.01ct.


The ring embraces a rare combination of sturdy and delicate looks all at once. It has a classic design and can be worn on a daily basis.

It is best suited as an engagement ring but can be gifted as an anniversary gift or even as a promise rings.
The ring can easily be resized without disfiguring the design.

2. Gold Princess cut channel-set diamond ruby ring
BRAND : Allurez

Simple, sleek and yet alluring, this ring is perfect for people who like beauty, but do not wish to pair it with gaudiness. This gorgeous ring has 14K yellow gold ring band which is prong set with 5 princess cut rubies and 4 princess cut diamonds. These stones are alternated and lined along the band in a channel setting. The total weight of the stones is 0.79 carats. The width of the ring is approximately 4mm.


This beautiful and simple ring has been crafted using yellow, red and white color. The subtle design and the grace of the ring makes it perfect for an engagement present.

Only the face of the ring has been studded with stones, therefore it will not hurt your finger.
It will adorn your hands beautifully and also match with all dresses.
The ring can also be gifted as an anniversary gift or a wedding gift.

3. 1.25 Ct. K-I3 Princess Cut 3-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring
BRAND : Dara’s Diamonds
PRICE : USD 448.99

Elegant and gorgeous, this ring will surely captivate the heart of your beloved on the day of engagement. You can purchase this ring in either 14K white gold or 14K yellow gold. The ring band is ornamented with three princess cut diamonds which are prong set. The ring has a high gloss finish and will easily glide on your finger. The total diamond weight is 1.25 carat and has a clarity of I3.


The three striking diamonds make it sparkle and the ultra fine gloss finish enhances its beauty.

The ring comes with a lifetime warranty and exchange policy.
It is neatly packed in an elegant jewelry gift box.
The universal design of the ring will never go out of fashion.

4. 14K Yellow Gold Tanzanite Solitaire Engagement Ring
BRAND : Diviene

The simple, yet enticing design of the ring is sure to rule your heart. The 14k yellow gold band of the ring has been set with a single dainty tanzanite gemstone. The tanzanite has been secured in a six prong setting and has a round shape. The average weight of the gemstone is 0.23 carat is 4mm in width. The band has a glossy golden finish and shines subtly.


The gorgeous tanzanite pronged atop the gold ring, looks adorable and elegant. Gift your beloved this ring and see a big smile adorn her face.

The prong setting of the ring will ensure that the tanzanite remains secured.
The high gloss of the yellow gold will not fade away easily.

5. 14k Yellow Gold Round Diamond Ladies Bridal Ring Engagement (1.25 cttw, H-I Color, I1 Clarity)
BRAND : DazzlingRock Collection

The intricate design of the ring and its fine detailing makes it worth purchasing. The main band of the ring is crafted from 14K yellow gold. It is broad at the face and narrows down on the lower side. The face of the ring is decorated with diamonds. There is a big diamond in the center, circled with tiny diamonds. On either sides of this, there are three parallel lines of diamonds. The approximate weight of the ring is 5 grams and the weight of the diamonds is 1.25 carats.


The ring has a rich and classy appeal. The intricate design, incorporating several diamonds of different sizes, makes it even interesting.

All the diamonds used for the ring are authentic. They are tightly secured in the ring band and will not come off easily.
You will get the ring packed in a free gift box.

6. Size 10 – Solid 14k Yellow Gold 3 Three Stone engagement ring
BRAND : Sonia Jewels

This solid gold ring has an amazing design which is both delicate and feminine. The ring has a 14K yellow gold band which is adorned with 3 stones. The central stone is a round cut solitaire and there are two heart shaped stones on either sides of it. The high quality cubic Zirconia engagement ring has a stone weight of 2.5 carats. The central stone is 1.5 carats and is 7.5mm wide.


The starting design of the ring and the two heart shaped stones, makes it a perfect expression of your love for the engagement day.

The prong setting holds the diamonds securely for a long time.
All the diamonds are authentic
The gloss of the yellow gold will not fade easily.
The ring will not go out of shape even if you don’t take it off your finger.

7. Men’s Fancy Carved Comfort-Fit 18k Yellow Gold (5mm) engagement ring
BRAND : Allurez

Selecting an engagement ring for man is a great task than choosing one for woman. The design options revolve around a few designs, mostly the band style rings. This diamond cut engagement band for men is elegant and stylish. It has a unique carving all along the middle and this design is accompanied by a satin finish. This is further outlined with high polish finish on either side. Also, this band has a comfort fit band with rounded inside edges to provide you maximum comfort.


The dual finish of the ring including the satin finish in the center, outlined with polished finish outside gives the ring a new look.

The solid gold ring will maintain it’s shape for many years to come and also it will not lose it’s luster.
The ring comes packed in an attractive jewelry box and is perfect for gifting.

8. Solid 14k White Gold Engagement Ring 3.5ct
BRAND : Sonia Jewels

This stunning 14k white gold ring has a brilliant sparkle and an amazing design. The center of the ring is adorned with a large wide round brilliant cut solitaire. This is surrounded with round cut stones. These are the highest quality CZ Cubic Zirconia with a total stone weight of 3.5 carat. The center stone has a weight of 2.0 ct.


A rich aura surrounds the ring and it’s solidarity gives it a new dimension.

The ring has been authenticated with a 14K stamp.
The high polished finish of the ring will retain its luster for a long time.

9. Size- 4 – Solid 14k Yellow Gold Princess Solitaire CZ Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring 2.0 ct
BRAND : Netaya

The solidarity in design and grace in the appeal, both make this ring worth admiring. It has a 14K yellow gold band with princess solitaire cubic Zirconia. The ring has an amazing high polished finish and its beauty is further enhanced by the different diamonds that accent the face of the ring. There are round, baguette and princess shaped stones that adorn the ring. The weight of the center stone is 1.5 carat and it is 6.4mm wide.


The distinct design of the ring is dominated by a central princess stone and adorned by round and baguette stone, which makes it look dramatic.

The excellent polish of the ring will not dull easily.
The ring is packed in a very attractive jewelry case and can be directly carried to the engagement party.
The ring can be resized up to one size and it will retain its shape.

BRAND : Holyland
PRICE : USD 300.154

This engagement ring is luxurious and valuable. It is perfect for expressing the value your relationship holds for you. It features a 2.0 carat round cut diamond. The 6 prong setting holds the princess diamond delicately. The diamond has VVS clarity and is D in color. It is securely mounted over 18K yellow gold band. The ring has a comfortable fit as the edges have been rounded for maximum comfort.


A valuable gift for your beloved, the grace and beauty of this ring will surely captivate her heart and make her feel special.

With this ring you will get an IGS appraisal containing a detailed grading report about the diamond.
The prong setting holds the diamond securely and it will never ooze out.

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