Groomsman Gift

i’ve been askd by my frend (whoz goin to get married) to take care of groomsmen gifts. there is this guy, one of the groomsmen, who is his very close frend. since i m not very close to him. i need other ppl’s help in deciddng abt wad cud be an ideal gift for a groomsman. apparently, price is not an issue for my frend. so i think i have the liberty of choosin any gift which looks nice. what about some nice apparels? or maybe some nice expensive perfume or an extravagant brooch? i think lots of choices have spoiled it. i am not runnin short of options but i think they are far too many.

therefore i wud really appreciate it if u guys come up with few but nice choices. i really dun wan options here. i want selective choices.

thanx all!!

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