Wedding Party Gift Ideas

i want to know what can be given as a wedding party gift to a couple, both of whom are fashion designers? in their wedding i gave them a nyc expensive gift. so i think nw i can watch my budget out. still, i wud like to give them something which suits their job profile or at least is of interest to them.

the bride has special likin towards contemporary art. her home is full of such pieces. i was originally thinking of a nice home decor item. maybe a nyc contemporary painting. does anybody know of any nyc auction site(please avoid christie’s name, can’t afford dat again)? where i can find good but relatively cheap paintings or showpieces. other than that, wad else can i give? i mean anything in relation to unique contemporary designs. maybe i can give them some nyc ‘in’ clothings. but not sure wad exactly is in for designers!! please guide..

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