Hosting a playful bridal shower to break the monotony

If you have a large guest list for your bridal shower then you need certain icebreakers to ease the group and maximize on fun. To break the ice and make sure that all your invites have light-hearted fun on your bridal shower you can include a number of games. With some games to prevent any awkward silences and have a bridal shower filled with humor and fun, you will get a bridal shower that is worth remembering.

Finding the Hunk

Finding the Hunk

To play this game you will need balloons, one for each of your guests and an equal number of print-outs of photographs of men. These pictures can be of nerdy men, old faces or unpopular actors.

Before you blow up the balloons, squeeze in a folded print out in each of them. Remember to include the groom’s photograph in one of the balloons. When the guests arrive, each can pick a balloon to carry through the event. The bride with a pin goes about popping each balloon until she finds the groom’s picture. The guest with the groom’s picture wins!

Heads up!

Heads up

To play Heads up, as a spiced up bridal shower game, include places, songs, celebrities, food, dances etc. that hold importance to the bride and write them on the back of escort cards. These cards can be secured on your guest’s forehead as they arrive in the party. They can spend the whole party guessing what’s written on their card by hints provided by the others.

Bridal shower trivia

Bridal shower trivia

To make things interesting and fun at the shower, you can frame a trivia with some innocent and embarrassing details about the bride and groom. You can pass these handouts with pencils to the guests when they arrive. Towards the end of the event, you read aloud your answers and the correct ones are revealed. Maximum correct answers make the winner.

Toilet paper bridal gown and veil

toilette paper with with ecological theme

Buy some toilet paper rolls from the local drugstore and some glue and tape. To play this game, the guests are divided in groups of three or four. Each group designs and creates a toilet paper wedding gown and veil and one of them models it on a ramp. The guest of honor picks the most creative wedding dress.

Pass the bouquet

woman holding bouquet of flowers over her face

Seat the guests in a musical-chairs fashion and play the music, only in this game you pass the bouquet. Each time the music stops, the guest holding the bouquet is eliminated. Include some funny music numbers to the game and spice it up with dares.

Celebrity hubby

Hand holding white blank business visit card, gift, ticket, pass, present isolated on blue background. Copy space for text. Corporate identity package Template ID

This lighthearted game can suit guests of all ages. All you have to do is provide each guest with cards and pencil and ask them to write down the name of their celebrity crush. When everyone has written the names of the celebrities that they fantasize about, put all the folded cards in a bowl. The guests then take turns picking cards from the bowl and guessing who wrote it.

Forbidden words game

Golden ring with diamond, Isolated on white background

You can add your own twist to this game. Get fake gemstone rings from the local store and provide each guest with their own engagement ring as they arrive. Explain the rules, where the guests are not allowed to use some common words like “wedding”, “bride”, “honeymoon” or “groom”. Anyone caught saying any of the forbidden words, can be stripped clean of their gemstone ring by the other person. At the end of the game, the guest with the most gemstone rings will win!

While planning games, ensure that the bridal shower does not turn uncomfortable for the grandmother or the junior bridesmaid. To ensure that the naughtiness stays in check, you can customize some common games and have a blast.

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