How to deal with jealously in marriage

If your heart burns and eyes pop out whenever you see your spouse in the company of opposite sexes or when he gets a promotion in his job, it is not a normal behavior at all. You are suffering from jealousy. To be honest, jealousy in marriage is a menace. Unless you deal with this issue seriously and try to overcome it, you cannot expect a happily married life. We have a few solutions to help you out. Have a look at these effective tips and make your marriage perfect.

Learn to have faith

Insecurity is one of the catalysts that fan the flame of jealousy. So, the best way to combat jealousy is to strengthen your faith on your spouse. Never ever encourage the thought that he/she may desert you one day and start living with someone else. Doubting your spouse unnecessarily is nothing but raising question on the integrity of your husband/wife. So, stop contemplating much whenever you see your better half with another man/woman.

Open up to yourself

It is said that when you brood within yourself you encourage the demon in you to raise fingers at your spouse. So, never let that happen at all. There might be situation when you see something and develop a notion that is baseless. Never encourage such things. In case if you really have a hunch about something, talk it out with yourself and clear your doubts by discovering the reason for his/her behavior. This will never let you become skeptical about your better half.

Let him/her know when you feel bad

You are not always to be blamed for your behavior. There might be situations that encourage jealousy. Say for example, there might be a situation when you see your husband/wife flirting with your friend. What you do in such cases is that you might get hurt within, but do not say anything to your spouse. But, if you are serious about your relationship, you need to do just the opposite. Let him/her know when you feel bad and what are the things that make you jealous. Talk it out freely and if he/she is sincere about your marital tie, he/she will certainly take it seriously.

Do not underestimate yourself

The basic reason why we get jealous is that we suffer from inferiority complex. So, every time you feel jealous about his/her behavior or achievements, delve into yourself and find out exactly what is making you jealous. If you find that there is something which you lack, never underestimate yourself. Think of the positive attributes in you that your husband/wife might lack. You will never feel jealous again. Actually, once you realize that nobody is perfect and every one has some demerits and certain merits, jealousy will cease to exist.

Do not let ego pop up

Sometimes ego clash also becomes the strongest foundation that leads to jealousy between husband and wife. In such circumstances, you might start envying spouses on various aspects, such as financial strength, looks, professional excellence, etc. Actually, everything about your spouse makes you jealous. In order to overcome this you need to understand that marriage is not a relationship of the titans. So, keeping your ego aside and bringing love into your married life is what we suggest. It is actually the joint effort of the husband and the wife that makes a happy married life.

Go for self retrospection

When you are jealous with your spouse, instead of screaming, howling and creating a scene, put yourself in his/her shoes and enter into self retrospection. Just think how your husband/wife feels when you are jealous and behave badly. We are very sure that you will feel ashamed with your own behavior and will stop being jealous again.

Never discuss issues with a third person

When you are jealous, the primary thing you must do is to avoid discussing your issues with a third person. To be honest, a third person can never give a proper solution for jealousy as it is something you have to tackle all by yourself. Rather, you will present your perspective about your spouse and not the neutral picture, which will only make this third person develop the same perception about your spouse. He/she might come up with a solution that can make your marital relationship even more complicated.

Give each other space

One of the reasons why your husband/wife behaves in a manner that crop up jealousy in you might be that you leave a very slim space for him/her to breathe. This is not a healthy way to behave in a matrimonial bond. Give him/her space and enjoy your own space without unnecessarily suspecting him/her and looking unnecessary deeper into things. You will never have any scope of complaining again.

Give him/her respect

There are many of us who are either too indifferent towards their spouses or do not give them their share of respect. So, in order to make us realize our mistakes, our parents often do a few things that make us jealous. Actually, they do not have any serious intention behind all such acts. These are some gestured to get affection and attention. Thus, instead of making your husband/wife perform all odds to get your attention, it is always advisable that you respect him/her and show that you care.

Be optimistic

The best way to look at life is to be optimistic. Instead of encouraging negative thoughts look at life from a different angle. Think of his/her intense love for you, the warmth you share, your combined dreams for a happy family and so on as such thoughts will instill courage in you. Face life as it comes without digging a baseless negative side out of it and you will win over jealousy.

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