How to ignite your love chemistry for a sparkling marriage

Does your spouse often complain that you do not love him/her anymore? Actually, after years of staying under the same roof, you and your partner can sometimes feel life has become too monotonous and love and passion has ceased to exist. But this is never true. Even after years of marriage love pretty much exists. It is just that it takes a backseat owing to your responsibilities and duties. So, if you have the inclination and love for your spouse, you can instill love chemistry in your life again for a sparkling marriage. Let us tell you how to do that.

Spend time with each other

The hardest blow that marriage gets is that couples do not have much time to spend with each other. If you are really keen to add the spark back in your marriage then make it a point to spend time with each other. It will hardly call for a massive change in your lifestyle. Just an hour will serve your purpose. But you should be consistent in spending this short span with your spouse and talk to each other. Neither should you think of doing any other thing simultaneously during this time, nor devote this time for something else often.

Plan a second honeymoon

The best way you can ignite the love chemistry in your marriage again is to go for a second honeymoon. Those of you who find this idea bizarre, let us tell you, a second honeymoon brings back all the passion and romance that you have lost in your marriage. So, select your dream destination and plan for a honeymoon again. We suggest that going back to the same place where you had gone on your honeymoon will also be a great idea to indulge in.

Indulge in fun activities

It is not that love ceases to exist in marriage after a couple of years. But it is the burden of responsibilities and stress that forces love to take a backseat. So, a great way to dig out that love in your married life again is to indulge in fun activities together. Go for a hilarious movie together or visit an amusement park or do everything that makes you laugh aloud and drive away all the stress and tension. You will again discover the lost love in your marriage.

Start flirting again

Flirting with your spouse again after years of staying together gives freshness to your relationship. In case you are bewildered how to become a flirty lover again with the man or woman you have been living with for so many years, let me give you a tip. Think of everything you had done to grab your spouse’s attention before getting into the wedlock. Repeat those again. We are sure your spouse will be surprised with all these and get involved in the process to spread the spell of love in your marriage again.

Appreciate your spouse

After years of marriage majority of couples forget to appreciate each other. But we are sure this is never the case when they date or are in the first couples of years after marriage. Therefore, why not start appreciating your spouse again to inculcate love chemistry for a sparkling marriage? It is true that you might find that your spouse has put on weight now and doesn’t look like a fashionista or hunk she/he used to be. But there are other things for sure which still remain worth appreciating. Find them out and praise your better half. Love will start blooming all over again.

Get romantic

You do not have to set up costly extravaganza to show your spouse the love you have for him/her. Actually after years of marriage, showing off does not hold much importance. So, it is always wise to go for simpler things that are quite significant in reflecting your love for your partner. You can gift him/her a bunch of red roses or leave back a cozy love note or send a love message. Thus, you need to run your brain and find out ways that show your love for him/her and simultaneously love will take its course.

Go for a candle light dinner

You must have gone out on dinner with your spouse several times post marriage, but this time make it a bit different by inviting him/her to a romantic candle light dinner. Do not take it casually, but be dressed in the most romantic way and select a venue that is cozy and renders privacy. Enjoy each others’ company and forget about the rest of the world. This will add spark of love to your marriage again.

Recreate your first date

Retrospection of everything you had done in the courtship period works as a great force to instill love in marriage again. Therefore, sit together and think of your first date and list down everything you did on that precious event of your life. Now, select the same venue where you went for your first date and do all those things you had done. Believe us, it will make you romantic all over again and give your matrimony a passionate makeover.

Exchange love

Not only us, even the marriage experts say that couples, who exchange love between each other, find their marriage more romantic even after years in comparison to those who do not. So, exchange love with each other by planting a short kiss, caressing each other and giving passionate hugs. You do not need a context for doing all these. Exchange love casually and quite often in order to keep the love in your marriage intact.

Create a romantic ambiance

Ambiance plays a major role. So, capitalize on this and surprise your spouse by setting up a romantic ambiance in your bedroom. Tips from us on this is that go for satin bed spreads, scatter rose petals on the bed, light up dim and partially illuminant lighting and play soft tunes. Dress sensually and invite your spouse to step inside this romantic haven. We bet he/she cannot overlook the call of pituitary and romanticism will boost up again.

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