How to know that your man is ready for marriage?

man proposing engagement

Just like a woman it is not that tough to know whether your man is willing to take the ultimate plunge in his life.

Author of the book, Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others, John Malloy gives your four ways of finding out the answer to this question.

Financial Independence

When a man feels that he is financially secure and is ready to move ahead in life he is ready to settle down.

Ready to be a dad

If he keeps on staring at the kids playing in the park know that his parental instincts is slightly getting a kick, which means he wants to get married.

He acting like your husband, while he is your B.F

Start noticing some changes in him when he tries to act like your husband even when you are not married: a perfect hint that he is determined to marry you.

Future Planning

If he keeps on talking about the future and has actually started putting the plans in action, he is all yours.

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