Ideas for an awesome wedding in Toronto

You will remember your special day for the years to come. Why not have a wedding party so grand that your friends and guests remember it for a long time? There are a couple of ideas to make your special event mesmerizing.

Drone Photography

Drone Photography

The entire ceremony and even the after party can be photographed and videographed by the help of drones. The drones equipped with hi-tech cameras will give you pictures and videos far better than the ones clicked from the ground. Of course, family members can take pics and create videos with their devices as well. The aerial shots will be a Si-Fi sort of a thing, like we see in the movies. Moreover, it would be cool to have the drones hovering around the ceremony.

A Caffeine Treat

Attractive woman enjoying her cup of coffee

Guests can sip on coffee over a conversation or after a dancing session, perhaps after some champagne. As we know, coffee is suitable for every occasion, even though it is the most common drink around. One option is to have an espresso machine at the event and alternately have a Latte booth. These vendors will bring their own coffee bar, equipped to cater your guests with lattes and cappuccinos.

A Portrait Artist

A Portrait Artist

To enhance the fun you can bring in a wedding portrait artist, the artist will paint live during the event and by the end of the ceremony, a beautiful painting will be ready to cherish your memories for years to follow. If you are keener on keeping the guests entertained, you can bring in artists to do individual sketches of guests, so that they can take it along with them.

An Astrologer or a Tarot Reader

Tarot Reader

Most of us are interested in knowing about our future. To fascinate the guests at the reception you can get a tarot card reader or an astrologer. By taking a few details from your guests the astrologer will be able to tell them about their future and also some remedies to improve their luck.

A tarot reader can keep them busy for long, they might come to know something interesting about their future. Another option is to get a palm reader for the guests his interpretation will be quick and crisp.

Employ some of these different ideas to your event and make the event a special one for the entire family and friends. Also, you can help friends with these ideas to make their wedding a memorable one.

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