What could be an idle attire as a wedding guest at a beach wedding in October?

I have recently got married, and now its my cousin’s turn, who has invited me and my husband to attend her wedding. Her wedding is going to take place on a beach, and there would be a lot of fan fare. I am a bit confused with the attire, as I am not sure what should I wear for the wedding. The wedding is going to be in fall, and I don’t want to go with a lbd again. Moreover, I have put on some weight after marriage, so I am not sure whether I should go for any floral prints in my attire or not. I have a medium built and a fair complexion, so I don’t have many problems with the colors as such, but I was wondering if some fashion expert could help me with some appropriate advice regarding the wedding guests outfits for a beach wedding in late October for me. Please advice! Thanks.

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