10 Ways to counter stress of planning a wedding

Those who are planning for their wedding must probably be going through a period of extreme stress and tension. Arranging for a perfect wedding party is really challenging as a trivial mistake can turn out to be a lethal one when marriage is concerned. Thus, being over careful as well as methodical in catering to every aspects of a wedding party is really challenging. But, you definitely need to find out a way to distress yourself yet have the most memorable wedding party too. Here are ten useful tips for you to counter stress of planning a wedding.

Strife on the type of wedding

The first point of confusion that marks the stress of wedding is the type of wedding to be followed. The bride and the bridegroom, in majority of the cases, differ in their opinion on the way they would tie the wedlock, whether the traditional way or the modern way, theme wedding or church wedding and the list is endless. Destress yourself by sitting and chatting together on your priorities and preferences and then find out the most suitable wedding for both of you.

Too bossy close ones

There is one of more than one member from among your list of invitees, who is too involved and too concerned about your marriage as you are. Thus, in good faith, the person will constantly advice to do this and not to do that. This will only add up to your stress on your wedding. So, decide that it is your own wedding and you are the authority. Take in what you find right and discard what you find nonsense, without letting this bossy guest know of it.

Fighting on wedding budget

Another area where couples are often found fighting with each other is the wedding budget. Sometimes, it is short budget and more demands, while at other times, more financial stake but never ending expectations. Thus, be strict on your wedding budget by discussing together on this beforehand and then plan all your expectations accordingly.

The guest list

Now, selecting whom to invite and whom to discard is really bothersome and stressful. In a hurry you often leave behind important names, while out of impulse you might invite a roadside vegetable monger too! Get some life and sit together to decide on the maximum number of guests you want in your wedding. Now, start from the most important in-laws, proceed with the friends and colleagues and sort out the most important names for your wedding invitee list.

Be practical and realize perfect wedding is utopia

There is basically nothing as such that is known as perfect wedding. Every little thing cannot turn out to be exactly as you wished. Neither will you be able to please everybody who comes in your wedding. So, the best way to destress yourself on this is to be practical.

Make all the arrangements beforehand

Those who leave everything for the last moment suffer the most from additional stress. So, when you have ultimately decided to tie the wedlock, give some gap in between so that you can make all the necessary preparations in advance and in a calm mind.

Build up your own antidote

Stress is integral part of wedding. Neither can you discard it altogether, nor can you live with it every moment. Thus, it is best to build up your own antidote for stress by sparing some time off your wedding plans and devoting it to some simple relaxation and merriment, like listening to music, taking a leisurely stroll, mild exercising and meditation, etc.

Do not pay heed to everybody

Everybody has a piece of advice for you regarding your wedding arrangement. All of them will seem to be important. But how many of them can you basically adhere to? So, listen to what everybody says and absorb in the one you find really worth.

Emotional upheavals are normal

If you feel that you are going through mixed emotional upheavals and feel depressed and stressed as a consequence, never think yours is an unique case. People who are on the verge of getting married pass through similar such circumstance as they are about to enter a new life, make new relationships, leave behind some of the old relationships, etc. So, treat this as a normal phenomena.

Realize that the party is just a celebration

As the day of wedding approaches, the joyous atmosphere of the house of both the bride and the bridegroom becomes tense and distressful. The success of the celebration becomes the top story then which often leads to misunderstandings and confusion. But the vital thing to realize here is that wedding party is a mere celebration, but the union of hearts in a marriage is most important. So, plan on how will you like to see your life post marriage rather than being argumentative on wedding party.

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