Most important things men want in their wives

Do you feel it difficult to identify with your husband? Does your husband looks pissed whenever you come across each other? It is high time that you get the indication that your marriage might be at stake! Your spouse might not be happy with you. Actually men look out for some qualities in their better halves. If you fail to possess majority of them, then we are afraid to say that your marital relationship will be in doldrums. We have compiled here some of the things men want or look for in their wives. Have a look and try to mold yourself in that way so that your hubby is happy with a “good” wifey.

Confidence counts

Men appreciate confident wives. According to most men, confident women have to guts to accept the transition from being a girl to a wife and from a wife to a mother. But those who suffer from lack of confidence never become successful either as wife or as mother. They fail to take up the numerous challenges of married life. So, men always wish to stay away from women who are not confident.

Optimism is appreciated

Majority of the women we come across everyday are shrouded with negative thoughts. They are highly pessimistic about everything that comes their way. But this is not what men prefer. They like their wives to be optimistic. They feel that optimistic better halves become best partners as they can instill courage and confidence in times men suffer from tension and trauma.

Overspending women are a menace

Most men are extremely affectionate about their bank balance and wallets. So, they always prefer to stay away from women who love their wallets more than they love their men. They even hate overspending wives as that leads to the reduction in their bank balance. Rather, financially strong wives who share expenses equally with their male counterparts are mostly loved by them.

Hottie bed partner

Sex and bedroom pleasure is as basic for a man as brushing teeth or going to the loo early in the morning. So, if you are a cold vegetable then you should better leave the dream of a happy married life and besotted husband . A hot bed partner is the one that men desire. The satin sheets, voluptuous wives and intimate moments are primary preferences of most men in the darkness of their bedrooms.

Showers of love and affection

Men are particular about love. They might be flirts but the fun is that most of them hate flirtatious wives whom they cannot rely upon. How strong a man might be but he craves for an affectionate experience of home coming. Therefore, when a wife loves her husband dearly and without any conditions is what the man treasures. He also commits himself to stay with that woman forever.

A best friend

In case if you are have a nagging typical wife-like nature then let us clear you that your husband is soon going to loose interest in you. Men like wives to be their closest friends. They find it comfortable to share their secrets, likes and dislikes with spouses who share similar mental frequency. They prioritize the relationship of two friends in a marriage than of a typical husband and a wife. For them the secret to successful and everlasting marriage is when the couples are best friends.

Nossy affairs are hated

You will hardly find a woman who is not curious. But some women are too curious about everything. This is exactly where their husbands fail to correlate with them. Basically men hate intruders in their lives until and unless they feel it is necessary to share something with their wife . They prefer to value secrets as “secrets”. How can you expect that they will withstand wives who make secrets public by poking their nose unnecessarily?

Proud wives get acknowledgement

Men feel that a wife who takes equal pleasure in the achievements of his man and celebrates the triumphs of the man equally as he would do is a man’s perfect partner. Men believe that such women are great support in situations of distress and failure too and help men regain back their position and fight back again. Therefore, “respect your man” is the ideal statement a husband loves and expects from his wife.

Leave them shabby

Most men love to remain shabby and messy unless and until it is too important to be well dressed and groomed. But most women are too perfection about the dress their male partners wear, the way they shave, the way they comb their hair and everything else about a particular man. This makes them pissed off at times. They cannot tolerate this pushing and coaxing to remain well dressed even when there is no need of it at all. So, wives who never force their husbands to remain neat, tidy and sorted out when it is absolutely unnecessary are their ideal. Although it is tough for women to be like that but this is a vital secret to win a husband’s love.

A good cook is great

It is always said that the secret to win a man’s heart is through his stomach. We are not saying that a man has his heart in this belly but men love to have home cooked food. They prefer to experiment with different dishes too. A wife who succeeds in pampering a husband’s taste buds has greater chances of winning his love too in the process. Thus, for all those women who cannot cook, learn cooking to please your husband.

An accepting wife is good

Men are of different types. While some of them are short tempered others are liars or some of them even snore heavily at night. Wives who are best for them are those who have big heart for greater acceptance. Therefore, a wife who loves her man with all his flaws and never tries to change him is the ideal choice of every husband.

Chatterboxes are disliked

Men hate wives who talk too much and eat their brains. Rather they love women who are better listeners than speakers. They feel comfortable to convey things to such passive wives rather than to be inquired like a cop.

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