Irish wedding rings inborn with tradition and style

There is nothing as spectacular as are the Irish wedding rings. They please every bride and the groom with the beautiful Celtic touch they have in them. They are truly inborn with tradition and style. There are numerous styles in them like the knotwork that is too characteristic to them. So if you are looking for some real good Irish wedding rings for the weddings or even if you know someone who is soon going to be married; you got to see and read the Irish rings that we have here for you. Though traditional in appeal but they do express love in the most wonderful way in these modern times as well.

Ogham Irish Wedding Ring

This one is a very nice looking wedding ring that can be worn by both bride as well as the groom. The width of the ladies ring is 3.8 mm whereas the gents ring width is about 5.6 mm. The ring is handcrafted in Ireland only and it looks great in style. This ring can be procured in white and the yellow gold. Silver one can also be ordered for your wedding or the engagement. It has the hall mark and a sign of the Dublin Castle. Really a pleasant wedding ring to have.

Sorcha Soul Mate Irish Wedding Ring

With ‘my soulmate’ engraved in Gaelic, this Irish wedding ring has been made from the white gold metal. Three Claddagh separate the words. It is bright and radiant in its looks. It symbolizes the courage and love in an appropriate manner. It has a gents width of 10 mm and ladies width of 8.8 mm. The wider ring, that is the men’s wedding ring has a yellow gold trim on both of the sides. It is sure to pleasure your soulmate.

Blanaid Celtic Irish Wedding Ring

Aislinn Unisex Trinity Knot Irish Wedding Ring

As evident from the name itself, this ring is suitable for both men and women who are looking to tie their nuptial knot soon. The design of this Irish wedding ring is elegant and classy. It has the evocative Trinity knot that shows very well in the background that is black in color. Aislinn means dream of a person and this style of wedding rings have been favorite of those who love the Celtic tradition and culture. The ring is all made up of silver and is too affordable at just $75.

Aibreann Infinity Irish Wedding Ring

Having the contrast of the yellow and the white gold this ‘Aibreann Infinity Irish wedding ring’ represents the Celtic era with the classic and the endless Celtic knot that has been integrated into it. It is a wedding ring that you will find in 8.9 mm width for the grooms and 7.4 mm width for the brides. The center of attraction for the lovebirds is the knotwork that has been done in the center of this wedding ring.

Ailbe Diamond Irish Wedding Ring

An Irish wedding ring that has the trinity knots separated by brilliant looking diamonds all towards the mid of the ring circumference is a nice pick. This can be found in all the good metals. The one here is in the shite gold. The look of the wedding ring is much romantic and it is ideal for both men and women to choose for their wedding day. A couple can even decide to buy a pair of them to celebrate the loyalty and love with something that they can share in common for a lifetime. Gents will have this is in the 6 mm width whereas for the ladies the width would be about 5 mm.

Trinity Inset Irish Wedding Ring

Having a round diamond setting to the center this is a glittering choice for you make for the occasion such as the wedding. The diamond comes with the G.I.A. certificate for the assurance of the quality and the procurement. The clarity of the diamond is too exquisite. You can get the ring in the white or the yellow gold and it will look great in both of the materials. This wedding ring has the Trinity knot design that is inset into the ring. Four prong setting has been used to hold the round cut diamond that lies in the center.

Caireann Celtic Irish Wedding Ring

Probably one of the best wedding rings that you will see in the heavy gold is this one. It is a handcrafted beauty that has the peripheral diamond setting towards the edges. You can get this ring in white or the yellow gold. All the diamonds used in the wedding ring have the G.I.A. certificate. The diamond used ranges between 0.80ct to 0.95ct. This wedding ring would be an excellent choice for the couples who wish to express love in style and richness.

Dome Profile Titanium Celtic Irish Wedding Ring

People who wish to get something different and varied for them as their wedding rings have to see this. This is a dome profile Celtic Irish wedding ring that is built up with all titanium. It is nice to be used as the wedding ring for the weddings that have the rustic theme. The rings are available in the width sizes ranging between 6mm to 12mm. There is the laser engraved Celtic animal work integrated to this ring that makes it unique in all senses. It is quite durable and will sustain love for a lifetime.

Palladium Celtic Knot Irish Wedding Ring

By looking this ring it appears to be a ring made out of the white gold or something but to surprise you the metal that has been used to prepare this ring is palladium. Beautiful knot work is engraved to the ring and it measures 6mm in width. The setting is all flat and it makes a great wedding ring for the classic and the vintage themed weddings. Try this one if you love modernity and simplicity.

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