Things to consider while dating a widow

We do appreciate when love is in the air. But we have some advises to give you if you are dating a widow. Since she is a woman with a past so your approach needs to be restrained. There are some other integral things as well that you need to consider when you date a widow. We have handpicked some of these criteria. We bet that your date will be most successful one if you follow these.

Be clear about the status of this date

Women who lose their husbands often try to fill up that gap. So whenever they date, most of them take it seriously and assume that the date will turn out be a lifelong relationship. But it is your duty to clear beforehand if there is any chance of such a long lasting tie or it is a mere date. Tact and forethought will help you a lot in clearing out your stance and will not give the room for any misunderstanding.

Analyze if she is through with the grieving process

It is integral that loss of husband will be followed by a long grieving process in order to compensate for the loss mentally. While some widows give themselves enough time others do not and plunge into a date to get over the trauma. If you are dating a widow too then find out the status of her grieving process. A widow who moves on quickly is liable to become vulnerable and extremely sentimental, so never enter into such dates since they signal at gravest complications.

Sex should wait a bit

It is quite common that men wish to have sex faster than women when they get into a relationship with the fairer sex. You might not be an exception too. But in case if you are dating a widow you should be slow about sex. First let her get acquainted with the fact that there is a new man in her life. Once she is mentally prepared for this new connection sex can always follow in due course of time.

Share her feelings

When you date a widow, it is inevitable that flashes of her past will come often in your interactions. She might become emotional too at some point of time. But you need to be sympathetic about her thoughts and feel for her pain too. She needs support at this particular juncture of her life. So, lend her your firm shoulders for her to lean upon.

Let her be active

A widow needs to reconcile with the great loss in her life and she will take some time to finally get over it all. Therefore, when you date a widow take the passive role and let her be active. She might feel like drawing back for period of time or keep on brooding over what she had been through. But you should be patient and be a good listener so that she is able to come with the grief faster.

Do not be replacement

Every individual has a separate personality. A constant battle goes on in the mind of a widow about her late husband and present boyfriend. So an attempt to be the replacement of her deceased spouse, will increase her confusion further. Never think of something like this as you will be the object of constant comparison.

Do not force

Dating a widow is far different in the context that she is already shattered, both mentally and physically. A new date is a new platform in her life so that she can move on again. But forcing her unnecessarily, be it intimacy or wedlock, might make her even more helpless. Finally, she might even back out of such a date. Therefore, she needs time and opportunity to take her independent decision.

Accept mood swings

A widow is more prone to mood swings. She might become angered for no visible reason. In the next moment she might get too emotional or grief stricken. Be prepared to face all these mood swings if you are dating a widow. You must be ready to match yourself with her fluctuating mental frequency.

Have a big heart for her past

Since a widow has a pathetic past so she might never ever forget her dead husband. Thus if you date a widow then you must possess a big heart to accept the fact that her past will remain alive in her parallel to her present life. So there will be no room for your grievance or jealousy later on.

Be ready for complications

Dating a widow is not like a usual date. Therefore complications are inevitable, be it issues about her children from the past relationship or her legal matters or anything else. Be ready not to leave her hand in the face of complications once you have committed to be her date. This is more vital in case of those who are thinking about a permanent relationship with a widow.

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