Is TomKat going for a ‘secret’ wedding ceremony’?

tomkat wedding celebrity wedding

Celebrity couple Tom and Katie is reportedly being rumored to walk down the aisle soon. Just a few days back, Cruise’s representative had said they are planning to get married somewhere between the end of the summer or early autumn.

However, it seems that according to a report published in MollyGood, one of its readers have send a very interesting piece of news regarding the development of Cruise and Katie’s wedding plans.

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I live in Beachwood Canyon (right up the hill from the Scientology Celebrity Centre) and there is most definitely something going on soon. I know that Tom and Katie have been there twice in the last week and now the Centre is covered in tents and outdoor chandeliers. Huge planters are IN THE STREET to prevent anyone driving too close.

Oh, this definitely says that the couple is cooking something up their sleeves and is not ready to reveal to the world. People is this the indication for a ‘secret wedding’?

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