Justin Bieber reveals he has no plans to marry right now

Justin Bieber reveals he has no plans to marry right now

There is probably a great news for all you Justin Bieber fans, the singer has recently admitted to a French Newspaper, La Persian that he is too young to get married right now and has no plan to marry his singer girlfriend, Selena Gomez.
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Justin claims that he thinks he is not yet old enough to get marry to Selena Gomez and hopes she is not offended by this decision. He further says that he will certainly get engaged when he will find a right person and it may take five or more years. He also was quick to say that this definitely not mean that Selena is not a right person to marry but certainly he needs more time to think about his future partner.

Justin Bieber is in public relationship with Selena Gomez and admits that it is not so easy to be so young and have a relationship that is not private. Also, both of these singers are not happy with some previous awkward news that showed the couple kissing at an LA Lakers game.

Although, both are super rich and both are equally talented but we certainly wish Justin could have said ‘Selena could be the one with whom I can marry in future’ but we should certainly be happy that the celebrity couple is taking a wise decision of waiting until he even starts to consider about the most important relationship of life.

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