DIY: Cute penguins wedding cake topper

You talk about cuteness and nothing can be as cute as are the penguins. So making a penguins cake topper for your delightful wedding cake is really a very cute idea. In this DIY we will detail to you with the methodology of creating penguins cake topper that needs very less of expertise. This wedding cake topper will be a great choice for any kind of a wedding. And if it is a summer wedding then they will surely beat some heat with their cute structure and appeal. Check it out!

DIY Cute penguins wedding cake topper

Difficulty level: Easy

Time required: 15-20 minutes

Things needed:

Things needed

· Clay (blue, yellow and orange)

· Brush

· Paint


1. Take some clay and make the two penguins bodies out of it so that you have a couple.

Step 1

2. Now with some white acrylic paint and the brush paint the front part of the penguins in white color.

Step 2

3. This is how the penguins must look after you are done painting them.

Step 3

4. With the orange clay you can make small flowers by making twists to the clay.

Step 4

5. Make four hands with some more blue clay for your cute penguins.

Step 5

6. Also using the yellow clay make feet for the penguins. Make two oval shaped noses with yellow clay only. Put the flowers in one of the hands.

Step 6

7. Attach the feet to the bodies. Also put one small flower to the head of female clay penguin.

Step 7

8. Now place the hands. Join one of the hands of each penguin with one another (as if they are together). Mark the eyes with dots to the head region of the penguins.

Step 8

9. Tie a bow to middle of the male penguin. That sure looks a cute couple now.

Step 9

Things to watch out for

1. Use the best clay that you can find in the market. The recommended one with be FIMO.

2. Make a base for your cake topper so that you can put it stably onto the wedding cake.

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