Best ways to keep kids engaged during the wedding

Children at wedding

Regardless of how exciting a wedding can be, many adults do get bored during the process.If this is the case,then can you imagine how the little children would feel? They tend to shift interest pretty quick and get all fidgety and bored. In order to keep the little guests happy and contented during the entire day, you could plan out exciting things for them to do while the wedding ceremony takes place. Here are some of the best ways to you can keep them engage during the wedding.

1. You need to focus on the various elements of the day and ensure that arrangements are made for the little ones. One way of keeping them together and looked after is to hire someone from the creche facilities. There should be a room provision in the church or any venue of the wedding for the children to pass their time during the actual ceremony. You could also enlist the help of teenage children to mind the younger ones with playful but quiet activities. You would do well to distribute noiseless gift bags filled with crayons, coloring books, puzzles and candies.

2. Children can get very restless during long speeches at the ceremony and the best way is to get them out of the way. You can let them play passing the parcel which can be monitored by an adult or teenagers. They will be extremely eager to be the recipient of the goody-filled parcel and will concentrate on the game rather than getting restless. They can also be allowed to play the treasure-hunt game with prizes for the lucky ones hidden in the bushes and flowers within the complex. This will give them enough time until the speeches and vows are complete.

3. After the ceremony the children can all have special photography sessions with the photographer. This session can turn into a fun time if the children are made to feel very important. At the group photo session, you can allow them to play with bubble bottles by blowing bubbles for the camera. Praise them for their good behavior and natural pose for the camera. While lining them up for the photo session, you could ask them to arrange their positions according to their own heights. You could even allow them to choose the background for the shoot so that they participate in the decision making. This will go down well in their book.

4. Meal time for the children can be shifted earlier than the adults. The adults will be taking their time with the drinks and entrees and during the time span children can get hungry and grumpy. Children can be allotted their own special eating area where pleasing decorations will cheer them up. The exclusive dinning area with special menu from the usual fare could make the little ones feel really special. Let them have their own time deciding on the menu while waiters fuss over them, explaining the menu and why it has been created for them. All children’s meals should be full and nutritious even if the varieties differ. You could also place favors on their tables so they can play with them and sit through their meal. Let them enjoy their meal without hurrying them.

5. The meal may go down well but what happens after that? It may be a while before the adults are willing to go home and this is where the children’s attention may turn grumpy again. Entertainment planning for children is a must for your wedding and this will in fact go down very well with the young guests. You could arrange in a corner of the venue, a table laden with crayons, story-books, game-books, beads for stringing and board games. Ensure that all materials are toxic safe and little children do not swallow any beads or colors. In the case of older children, you could arrange for games of hopscotch and clicking photos with disposable cameras. You could even go a step further by hiring professional entertainers with proper references, experience and qualifications from a reputed children entertainment firm. These entertainers can put up magic-shows, puppet-shows and even have clowns mingling around the area.

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