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Best tips to lose the unwanted body fat before your big day

Wedding day is the happiest day for brides as well as for the whole family. Every lady dreams all her life for her Wedding day and it is the most important day in her life. She wants to look as beautiful as she can on her big day. All eyes are on the wedding party, especially the soon-to-be married couple so every bride wants to grab the attention. But if you are bulky one, then all your efforts for buying expensive dress and jewelry might go in vain. It becomes very necessary to lose weight so that you can look beautiful and here are some of the best tips to lose the unwanted body fat before your big day.

Loose fat before your big day

1. Decrease Calories

Our body consumes food for energy. Whatever you eat provides one or the other stuff to our body in the form of vitamins, calories, proteins, carbohydrates etc., while keeping surplus energy as fat. It means if you eat more than what our body requires we gain weight. That is why to lose weight you should avoid extra calories and increase the activities that help in burning extra calories and fat.

2. Increase your activities level

Start running, jogging, swimming, cycling, aerobics, yoga, skipping, walking and even if you hate hitting the gym, join it for the sake of your dream of looking beautiful. Keep in mind to introduce all these changes slowly. Our body slowly accepts the changes. Do not panic if you do not lose in starting week.

3. Trust water

If you are fond of drinking tea, coffee, soft drinks, alcohol and other drinks that you consider as healthy, avoid them and trust water. Drink water as and when you feel like drinking. Water will help you satisfy your thrust and keep you away from the sugar contained drinks, which will ultimately help you lose calories.

4. Eat slowly

Slow down your speed of eating food, this will make you feel satisfied with lesser intake. Ultimately a little food will satisfy your hunger. Decrease the size of your plate. The less you put in your plate the less you eat.

5. Go for salad

Salads are considered as the healthiest part of food. Use salads as appetizers. Go for a healthy choice like green vegetable, boiled stuff and soups and sugar free juices as your meal.

6. Divide your food

If you eat 3 meals a day, increase it to 5. Take smaller, but more frequent meals. Eat after every 4 to 5 hours. Do not try to fill your tummy in one time. That will again lead you to consume extra energy. Remember do not force yourself to feel too hungry before your lunch or dinner.

7. Decide healthy locations for pre-wedding celebrations

This is the most important issue to take care for otherwise all your efforts to lose weight will fail. You work hard to lose weight but you cannot say no to your relatives, friends and close ones when they ask you to eat something that you should not eat at this time.

8. Sleep sufficiently

You might have a long to do list as part of your wedding preparation, but you should not disturb your sleeping schedule. Sleep for 7-8 hours every night. Insufficient sleep may also lead to dark circles beneath your eyes.

9. Deal with Stress

Do not let stress become your master during these days. Brides usually take stress of their wedding day. They think a lot about the things such as – how would they look in their wedding dress? What will people say about their looks? How would they manage after wedding? How would be her in-laws? So, stop thinking too much and just focus on your dream of looking the prettiest woman in the world on your wedding day.

10. Plan your days

Just jot down the number of days you are left with to lose weight. Make plans and note down your entire schedule. Work according to it. Make a list of works to be done according to priority and go for them one by one. Give sufficient attention to meals, drinks, exercise, shopping, parlor, pre-wedding functions and sleep. This will help you in keeping away from stress. Even the slightest stress can affect your glow.

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