Make- up Essentials for your Honeymoon Kit

Ready to be cast away on your first ‘official trip’ together as man and wife? Make sure you have all the right cosmetics away from home.


Make- up Essentials for your Honeymoon Kit

We love to travel and as bothersome it might be to carry make-up , you certainly cannot afford to be at the start of your life together and not look good ! You also do not want to look too artificial or over-the-top , so let’s give that natural beauty of yours a boost.

Destination matters ! –The place you are headed to is the most important factor when you are loading your make-up kit. If you are headed to a beach then you have to use a sunblock of minimum SPF 30. Apply it thoroughly on your whole face and body each time you step out. This will protect you from excessive tanning and other skin problems. A sunblock with a bronze-tint will add to the oomph factor. Also, invest in a pair of stylish sunglasses which will add style as well as protect you from the harsh rays of the sun.


Let those lips talk – You have to take extra care of your lips during your honeymoon! Lip- balms during the day and hot-romantic colors during the night for romantic dinners and dances are an absolute must.

Moisturiser – You simply have to carry a tub or tubs of moisturizer along especially if the destination you are headed to is chilly or a hill-station. Moisturiser will take care of your skin and a scented one will serve a dual purpose of a perfume.


Hair stylers and products– Frizzy and unruly hair may look great when you get up during the morning but they certainly don’t serve as a style during the day or at a romantic dinner. Make sure you carry your essential hair stylers , straighteners, curlers, etc. Also make sure your hair is absolutely clean and fluffy.

Light up those eyes – Eyes are the most important feature of a woman and your hubby would definitely want to get lost in them. Make sure you carry a kohl pencil or a liner but do not go overboard with drawing drama along those lids. Minimal is in.

Gorgeous looking nails

Nail Care Products – A bright colour can light up the day some more especially if you are headed to beaches. Carrying only a single color will be ample.

Toiletries – Most important of all , do not forget your toiletries, tweezers, nail- clippers, make-up removers, etc. Make sure you pack according to the destination you are headed to. Drink lots of water, give your skin that natural glow and simple do not ignore your cleansing regime before you sign off.

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