Marquise-cut diamond engagement rings collection

Timeless diamond jewelry is affected by multiple factors. The cut of the diamonds in the arrangement is just one of such corresponding factors. Marquise-cut or Navette cut diamonds are literally shaped as small boats (hence the reference to Navette or little boat). The cut emphasizes the oval shape of the diamond with pointed tips at both ends. The variation on the round cut makes it a statement of difference. This is why it is a popular choice of cut for engagement as well as wedding rings. Here is a list of the most amazing Marquise-cut collection of engagement rings.

1.18 K White Gold 1.00 Carat Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

Set on an 18 K white gold band, the single carat diamond sparkles brighter due to the exquisite Marquise-cut. The vibrant clarity of the diamond adds to its shine while the single diamond brings the touch of elegance to the ring. This ring is available in various sizes (ranging from G to P). This makes it an ideal choice for most women. The brand name of Tiffany Richards adds to the trust of timeless design choices.

Marquise Cut Solitaire Ring

This solitaire stands out amongst the many available choices. The marquise-cut suits the otherwise simple lines of the white gold band (18 K). The prong set type of setting gives it a sleeker look while maintaining the allure of the glittering stone on your finger. The brand quality of Diamonds Factory assures highest quality of clarity and diamond color for your engagement ring option.

Single stone diamond ring, 0.58ct centre – Marquise cut

This ring comes in the four claw setting type, which is perfect for attracting attention to the center diamond of 0.58 carat. The Marquise-cut and incredible clarity of the diamond is a beacon towards the sparkling allure of the stone. The shoulders of the band (along both sides of the center stone) are studded with diamonds to add to the glow of the ring. It is a perfect choice for engagements as well as weddings.

Marquise Shape Designer Diamond Engagement Ring

The Bezel/prong type setting of the ring is a perfect complement to this contemporary ring design. The center stone is a round shape, Marquise-cut beauty which is further surrounded with smaller diamonds along the prong and the shoulders (double layers each side) of the 18 K white gold band. The design is truly unique and a perfect choice for engagements. The center diamond is 0.50carats while the total weight of the side diamonds corresponds to about 0.35 carats.

3.84CT marquise black diamond & Vs diamond engagement ring 14K

The black diamond center stone is just one of the factors that clearly differentiate this unique ring from all the other rings in the collection. The shank of the ring and all around the center stone, more than 70 diamonds (VS) complete the design of the ring. The contrast of the black diamond and the clear diamonds comes out beautifully in this design. The ring is available in choices of 18K white gold, hallmarked 14 K gold, as well as platinum. This is an authentic choice for an engagement ring.

Sterling Silver CZ Engagement Ring

Silver is a unique and quite affordable material choice for engagement rings. Sterling silver and diamonds make a perfectly matched pair as is evident with this Sterling silver CZ engagement ring. 1.25 carat, high clarity marquise-cut diamond is set as the center stone of this masterpiece. The shoulders of the ring have baguette cut diamonds to increase the beauty of the sleek design. The band is specially plated to prevent tarnishing and damages. This is an excellent engagement ring and it goes superbly with elaborate wedding bands.

3/4 Carat Diamond 14K White Gold Engagement Ring

The vintage (inspired) bypass design is the perfect foil for this amazing engagement ring from the Adorne collection. The design incorporates ¾ carats of different cuts of diamonds to complete the intricate design. There is a round-cut diamond, marquise-cut diamonds as well as princess cut diamonds arranged seamlessly to create a design so authentic that it adds to the glory of every new bride. The design is timeless and goes well with simple wedding bands, since the ring itself is quiet elaborate.

Diamond Ring, 10k Rose Gold and Sterling Silver Marquise and Heart Diamond Engagement Ring

Declare your love with this unique engagement ring. Set on a simple band of rose gold (14K), the ring includes round-cut diamonds arranged in a marquise pattern. The setting of the diamonds is crafted with sterling silver (treated to prevent any damages due to tarnishing). The total weight of the stone comes to 1/10 carats (approx.). This is an extremely romantic design, which is just perfect as an elaborate engagement ring. You can always pair it with a simpler wedding band or ring to highlight the contrast of the designs.

1/4 carat Diamond Engagement Ring in 10k White Gold

A 10K white gold band holds the single 0.25 carats diamond (marquise-cut) in a design that is classic and timeless. This design shares the brilliance of a white diamond against a white gold band; however, the uniqueness of the ring is more ingrained in its style. The solitaire sits in a clasp setting, making it the main attention point of the whole design. There are no other design elements or precious stones to add to the setting, however, the simple lines of the ring make it a perfect accompaniment to elaborate heirloom wedding rings. It is important to clean this ring with jewelry cleaners and wipe it dry always. Do not wear the ring when working with strong household cleaners. This is to avoid any damages to the delicate design.

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