Marriage mistakes: Why you choose the wrong spouse

Have you discovered that your marriage is on the verge of a divorce? Do you hold yourself solely responsible for your misfortune? Well it selecting of the wrong guy could be the reason that landed you in this distress. In such a scenario we will ask all the women out there, who intend to tie the nuptial knot shortly to rethink a number of times before giving the final consent. We have compiled here a set of situations when we make wrong choices. We have also provided the keys to such locks in the form of ways to deal with them. Have a look and marry the right guy.

You choose the wrong spouse thinking the guy will change someday

Many women end up marrying the most inappropriate guy as they have an idea that marriage acts as a reforming tool. This makes them settle for the wrong guy.

How to avoid?

It is unwise to thing that you will be successful in changing the potential nature of a guy. If you find that a guy is irresponsible, immature, lacks personality or tells a lot of lies then you have to make up your mind either to live with all these qualities or end the relationship before you get married to the person. You can never expect that marriage will reform the person.

You choose the wrong spouse because you prioritize on chemistry

You might find that a man has an excellent chemistry with you. He might seem to be the perfect romantic husband you have been looking for. But post marriage you can discover it was the most dreadful decision of your life.

How to avoid?

You have to analyze whether the outburst of passion of the guy is lust or love in reality. If you take our suggestion then there is just hairline difference between lust and love. So, instead of paying more attention on the chemistry do a brief homework on his character before agreeing for the marriage. His character record will show whether he is infatuated with you or is a committed lover with no history of flirting.

You choose the wrong spouse as the man remains disinterested about women

In order to stay away from the flirts and Casanovas you might land up marrying a person who stays away from women. But your measure might prove to be total failure and your might finally drift apart after marriage.

How to deal with?

Men, who find it convenient to stay away from women, do not epitomize committed husbands at all. Rather, they might not understand the heart of a woman at all and its likes and dislikes. So, you cannot expect a loving and understanding husband from them. A wise tip is that, go for a long courtship period and understand the person before tying the wedlock.

You choose the wrong spouse because the priorities and goals of life are different

Some women think that marrying a man with a different goal and diverse priorities in life might expel the chances of professional rivalries and ego problems after marriage. But this is totally erroneous.

How to deal with?

Marrying guys who are have different priorities and goals can often subject you in situation where you expect to unite the two opposite poles. Therefore, divorce becomes inevitable. Hence, some amount of balanced mental frequency and similar priorities is necessary. Most of the times that lead to successful marriages as couples have similar view towards life and family.

You choose the wrong spouse as you have got physically involved

A common belief among women is that it is best to marry a person with whom they have got physically intimate. They feel that is the way they do not look like betrayer.

How to deal with?

Physical intimacy has got nothing to do with marriage. Get out of the social stigma that you have to marry your bed partner, be it a one night stand or not. Those who are good at bed are not always good husbands. Marriage is a separate issue altogether. So, you do not have to prove anything to the society but to live a successfully married life at the end of the day.

You choose the wrong spouse as you are impressed with the man

Women often tie the wedlock with a person they are impressed with or they admire as iconic figures. But their marriages get shattered after a few years.

How to deal with?

Women, who marry guys whom they are impressed with, basically fool themselves. You might be impressed with a sports car or a designer label. But do you get married with all these? So, what is the need to enter into matrimonial bond then with the guy you are flowed upon? You must realize that role model and husband are never synonymous. So, grow up and find a husband for you instead.

You choose the wrong spouse due to fear

This is perhaps the most unfortunate case when women are forced to get married to men out of fear or being a victim of blackmailing or anything of that sort. Such marriages never become successful. While some manage to get divorce others have to linger with this historic blunder lifelong.

How to deal with?

Never give in to situations where you do not feel mentally secured with your would be spouse. If you find that the person you are about to get married is never reliable then do not succumb to such situations, whatever may be the reason.

You choose a wrong spouse due to some hesitation

Some women find it too difficult to sit across the table in the pre marriage stage and discuss openly about the drawbacks they have found in their husband to be. So, an unsuccessful marriage is the final outcome.

How to deal with?

It’s your marriage and your life. There is no room for hesitation. Be selfish and instead of pondering about what the man might feel just let him know what is lacking in him. This is the only key to a successful marriage. Otherwise, the differences will come to the forefront after marriage and make life a hell.

You choose the wrong spouse in order to escape your personal issues

More or less everybody has family problems. But some women find a solution to such issues by getting married. With the passage of time sometimes such decisions prove to be major blunders and make life a bitter gall.

How to deal with?

Sort your personal issues separately and never try to find an escape by entering into wedlock. That way you are most viable of selecting the wrong guy and making your life miserable with traumatic personal life and unsuccessful marriage.

You choose the wrong spouse as you wish to win in the game of love

Although this is most childish, women find it an act of glory to snatch a man from a love triangle and marry him, thus patting their own shoulder as a remarkable feat of valor. But that does not indicate at a successful marriage and sometimes end up in the nastiest of separations.

How to deal with?

Life is not a game. So, never treat it like that. Marry the person whom you find perfect to become your lifelong companion and shows the sincerity to take up the household responsibilities.

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