Unique halo engagement rings

We believe that marriages become successful when they get the bliss of heaven. Thus, we bring here some Halo wedding rings that symbolize the eternal blessing. Why we call them halo wedding rings is because a holy sphere is prominently visible at the fore section of each of these wedding rings. Hence, they are undoubtedly the best companion of a traditional cathedral wedding.

Halo Diamond Engagement ring

The beauty of this Halo wedding ring is in its traditional appeal. But the plus point in it is that only the Halo at the front has been studded with a series of as many as sixteen mini diamonds that garland a shimmering round cut diamond at the center. The micropave setting of these diamonds ensures that you will never lose one even though you wear it always as an emblem of commitment towards your spouse. The strikingly simple band is kept as it is without any embellishment so that it brings out the grandeur of the halo even more. Platinum has been incorporated to impart the richness that is needed for the occasion.

1 Carat Diamond 14K white gold bridal engagement ring

If you have always thought of a gorgeous and heavy looking wedding ring for your D-day then this Halo ring serves your purpose perfectly. The dazzling and large diamond at the centre is the first thing you will fall in love with. The ensemble of miniature prototypes of the central precious stone that surround the same gives it the richness of a traditional heirloom. The framing of white gold on which the mini species are encrusted gives the halo ring the time-honored lift. The hand carved portions on either side of the stone studded hallo will make you mesmerized for sure.

Juliet Diamond Ring, 14k White Gold Certified Diamond Engagement Ring

Whenever we hear of “Juliet” we are reminded of the Shakespearean love birds, Romeo and Juliet. This name is perhaps the inspiration of this halo ring too in order to cast a spell of romance as the prince charming asks for her hand by gifting this exclusive ring. It qualifies all the criteria for a wedding ring that will be perfect for a chapel wedding. The striking juxtaposition of the slim band and the gaudy halo prevalent in this wedding ring is definitely a treat for the eyes. The sparkling halo features a big round diamond surrounded by a network of smaller diamonds that are of ¾ Ct.

X3 Diamond Ring, 18k White Gold Certified Diamond Engagement Ring

You will definitely fall in love with this breathtaking halo wedding ring due to its astounding beauty and sophistication. The base of this precious nuptial ring is white gold with super matte finish so that it becomes the perfect ensemble of the traditional, pure white bridal gown. But the stunningly noticeable center that resembles a bright heavenly halo will undoubtedly draw all attention towards the manicured fingers of the new bride. Numerous hand pronged diamonds have been set all around the round central shimmer to make this piece of jewelry awesome.

Offer 33 – Round Halo Cluster Ring

Sleek and chic yet most traditional, this halo wedding ring is the ultimate choice of brides who love tradition but prioritize modern designs too. Therefore, instead of heavy band to harmonize with a gaudy halo center like the typical ones, this design integrates a sleek band in juxtaposition to the stone encrusted center. But symmetry is maintained by means of a single line of sparkling stones that adorn the fore section of the ring. The large halo amalgamates a big, shimmery diamond together with a sphere of tiny models all around it.

Round Diamond Halo Cathedral Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

If you have planned to go for the most traditional cathedral wedding then our suggestion is that this Halo wedding ring is worth considering. The 14K white gold base remains subdued in order to set a balance with the weighty look of the halo and the stone encrusted band. This pricey halo wedding ring compiles together as many as thirty four brilliantly cut crystal clear diamonds besides the large one at the center to give it the much sought after flashy vintage appeal.

Marquise Diamond Swirl Halo Engagement Ring

What you will find uncommon and pleasant about this halo wedding ring is the swirl halo contour at the forefront. The Marquise Diamond set at the center adorning the halo is the major attracting force of this halo wedding ring. Instead of a traditional round diamond at the center this astounding piece integrates an oval one. Improvisation is also achieved in the setting of the tiny diamonds that dot its circumference. Here you will find these mini prototypes set in an unusual fashion. All these work together in making the halo wedding ring appear expensive and rare.

Vintage Round Diamond Half Moon Halo Engagement Ring

Another vintage looking species that joins the bandwagon of halo wedding rings is this unique piece. The beauty of this wedding is the style of hand carving and stone setting in it. All these give the wedding ring the look of a queen’s crown. One more thing that you will find unusual in it is the style of the halo at the center. Instead of one single piece with gazillion of tiny stones bordering it you will find three such halos. So, isn’t that worth your money?

½ Carat diamond 14K white gold bridal engagement ring

At the initial peek you will feel that a stone studded broach has been set over a simple precious metal wedding band. But in practicality the maker thought that this halo wedding ring will be perfect for the corporate brides to be who vote for chic and chaste. The shiny white gold body never interferes with the diamond studded halo with series of tiny diamonds along its circumference so that the magnificence of the ceremony is kept intact.

Halo Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Your eye for precision and extraordinary will get the right treatment if you opt for this halo wedding ring. The design and the style of prong of diamonds are entirely traditional. But the incorporation of dark blue sapphire that outline the shimmery diamond at the center of the halo gives it a look of novelty.

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