Myths and Superstitions about Wedding

Wedding is generally considered as the most important day in every person’s life. This is because the newlywed couple is will be starting their journey towards a fresh life of togetherness. Many brides-to-be anticipate their big day and want everything to be perfect like fairy tale as most of them planned out their wedding day since childhood. As the day approaches many brides take wedding myths and wedding superstitions very seriously and start going through them strictly as they don’t want to tempt their fate on their blissful day. So for those brides-to-be who thoroughly want to know about the wedding myths and wedding superstitions should read this article thoroughly so that they are not left out in dark. All wedding myths are not bad there are few which bring good luck also. Some myths have both good luck and bad luck versions to them.


The Rain Myth

This myth has both good and bad version associated with it. According to the good luck version, it is said that if it rains on the wedding day then the rain is a symbol of children in the future. According to the bad luck version, the rain drops symbolize the many tears a bride will cry throughout her married life.

The Dress Code Myth

It is said that the bride should wear ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ but there is a missing line that many don’t know. The missing line is “and a silver sixpence in her shoe”. It is hard to follow the entire tradition as silver sixpence has not been minted after 1967. Something old represents the bride’s past; something new her future; something borrowed is meant to be borrowed from a happily married couple which will bring good fortune. There is a saying “Marry in blue, lover be true” and blue is also known as the color of purity. The sixpence symbolized that the parents of the bride would provide wealth and financial security.

The Pearl Myth

According to the good luck version if a bride wears pearl then the pearls take her tears and she have a happy married life. But the bad luck version is pearls denote the tears of the bride which she will shed after her marriage.


The Position Myth

It is said that the bride should be on the left side on the groom so that the sword arm of the groom is free and he can protect her.

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