How to organize a perfect wedding rehearsal dinner?

The wedding moments of the bride and the groom are the best moments of their lives. Hence, an immense care is required if one has the responsibility of carrying out its functions. One of them is the wedding rehearsal dinner. Before organizing such a rehearsal, thousands of questions come into the organizer’s mind. For instance, the first question is of course as to, what is it? The answer to it is very clear: It is an informal meal after a wedding rehearsal, which takes place a night before the actual wedding. This is a chance to get to know each other better before the wedding, which further helps in the wedding planning. Many more questions arise like the payment related stuff, the planning, invitations, how to manage all, how to start with it all? Here are all the answers and tips that might be useful for you.

Wedding rehearsal dinner


It should be decided beforehand that who is hosting. This makes the host perfectly prepared, both mentally and physically. Traditionally, the groom’s parents take care of the rehearsal dinner. But nowadays, it is both the families that work things out perfectly.


As far as the dress code is concerned, it is much better to keep it casual, as casual rehearsal dinner help loosen up guests who meet for the first time. This solves the purpose of the dinner itself to a greater extent. This encourages fluent and smooth conversation among guests and becomes more like a family dinner party.

Use your imagination to the max

Incorporate a theme to every event which would make things better. For instance the theme could be western for the wedding rehearsal dinner and could be cultural for the reception. For example on one side bride’s Spanish heritage is focused upon, and on the other groom’s France heritage is brought into highlight.

Pick a Perfect Spot

One must choose a unique spot, suitable for the party. The spot must be able to give that different soothing feel to the guests. The scenic beauty along with beer, burgers and fries, served time to time will give an everlasting joyful feeling to everyone. On top of that, a sushi bar, where customized chopsticks are given as favors would add on to the enjoyment. Restaurants around or nearby the spot would make the spot more enjoyable as there will be no shortage. Also, there would be good availability of staff if the spot is chosen near a restaurant or cafeteria. From cocktails to menu, music to flowers, everything needs perfection in order to make the party a success. Apart from all that, the spot must be such that there is an easily accessible parking possible. Sufficient bartenders should be available. There must be a place to sit for the guests at the mealtime. Many other smallest things must be considered in regard to the spot.

Keep a check of list every now and then

The rehearsal dinner guest list generally includes close family members and other participants. One must be considerate that the guests might get other members of their families as well. Hence, the margin of expected number of guests must always be higher. And if in case, the number exceeds a lot, then one can compensate and save money by serving them cocktails or desserts opposed to a full meal. This also satisfies the extra guests emotionally.

Handling the mic

At the beginning of the party, it’s customary for the host to welcome guests. That is possible with the use of mic of course. The atmosphere at a rehearsal dinner is generally relaxed hence some guests might feel like getting up and saying a few words about the bride and groom. So, the mic must be prepared to be handled from person to person. One must plan on making short speeches to be ready to attend the guests and make the environment much jolly.

Rehearsal dinner ideas

There are several rehearsal ideas that come to one’s mind. Some of them would be, for instance, Outdoor Barbecue, Seaside Clambake, Sports Night, First-Date Celebration, Hoedown and many more.

Tips & warnings

There is no restriction in choosing to invite out of town guests or anybody else. If one is the organizer, he or she has the authority of inviting own friends and people. In order to set a warm and playful atmosphere, one can organize games and show that also add on to the fun. Avoid the idea of keeping the all night party or program. The start must be in the early evening that would allow some more social members on the guest list to socialize as there is plenty of time for everyone to do so. This will also give them enough rest for the big event next morning.

A wedding rehearsal dinner is a good way to say thank you to everyone, be it family or friends. Thanking them for all of their help and support in making the wedding successful and memorable, makes them feel blended in as if they were a part of the family. The rehearsal dinner could be anything from a cosy and informal gathering to an extravagant party. It depends highly on the organizer to make it a blast.

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