Personalized gifts to make your bridesmaids feel special

Wedding is an occasion which aims to bring bliss to everybody. So, when it comes to showering your bridesmaids with gifts, think of ways that will make them treasure it for life. We suggest that there is nothing better than a personalized gift that gives your bridesmaids the impression that the favor has your own personal touch and has an ‘exclusively for me’ feeling. We have come with some really excellent personalized bridesmaids’ gift ideas that bear their name initials. We are definite you will love these gifts as much as your bridesmaids will.

Hanging Cosmetic Case

Cosmetic cases remain as one of the most coveted gifts for women. Therefore, your bridesmaids will also be happy to be handed over such a cosmetic case. Its prime USP is its monochromatic shade and mini dots, which makes it attractive and stylish. The one we have brought here is a bit different from its traditional species. This is a hanging bag, which comes with a loop, so that it remains within the visibility of your esteemed ladies together with being a better alternative of storing the stuff too. The leatherette handles complement its style factor further. The provision of initials makes it customized.

Engraved Beveled Glass Jewelry Box

This jewelry is a must have for the bridesmaids as it has the class and style of a designer brand. Buy the good news about the same is that it comes at a much economical price tag. This divine jewelry case will certainly be the most cherished keepsake of your bridesmaids. The beveled glass body with its silver rims gives it a see through appeal, which adds to its sophistication. Further, the option of etching your name on the top lid gives it a personalized feel your bridesmaids will treasure.

Ballet Shoes with Embroidered Gift Pouch

Get your bridesmaid the feel of a luxurious pedicure by gifting a pair of personalized ballet shoes. The satin smooth fiber that has been incorporated into its making makes the fair feet of your bridesmaids remain relaxed and pampered as they dance all night in the wedding ball. This nice bridesmaids’ gift also comes with a pretty satin pouch, embroidered with the initials of each of the bridesmaids. This cute kit will be a grand keepsake for them as well as great idea of organizing their tit bits in style.

Bridesmaids Glass Photo Frame

This sleek and elegant photo frame is the best measure to help your bridesmaids capture the gleeful moments of your nuptial and make it everlasting memoir. The compact size of the same makes it ideal to install it on the table top or the showcase and is the perfect companion for a full sized photograph. The sandblast feature of this photo frame and the etching of the emotional words ‘The Girls: Bridesmaids’ will carry your personal touch.

“Enchantment” Engraved Pearl Bracelet

A strand of pearls replicates the everlasting bondage of friendship in the best manner. This pearl bracelet is the best bridesmaids’ gift for the sylistas, who come to felicitate your wedding. The line of mega pearl beads with the alternative arrangement of three mini pearls gives a breathtaking visual interest. This pattern is repeated all throughout to maintain symmetry in aesthetic appeal. The silver plated disc shaped pendant with the initials engraved in it makes it a highly personalized bridesmaids’ keepsake. It harmonizes perfectly with the glitz and glam of the occasion.

Personalized Bridesmaid Clutch with Survival Kit

This clutch is for the most sensible bridesmaids. Together with satisfying the fashion quotient of the fashionistas, this clutch bag keeps them always ready to face terse emergencies. It is actually a mini survival kit in the disguise of a stylish fashion gear. The matte satin base takes care of its aesthetics while the zipper and snap closures take care of the safety of the valuables kept inside. The safety aid includes two band aids, 4 bobby pins, match box, towels, breath mints and of Kleenex facial tissues. The fabric surface gives you the option of getting the names of the bridesmaids embroidered on it, making it highly customized.

Personalized Leather Circular Manicure Set

Since the fairer sex is passionate about grooming, a manicure kit could be a much coveted gift for your bridesmaids as well. But the bonus news for you is that this unique gift comes in a highly customized gift box, with a bright colored spherical case. The leather body of the same makes it a durable keepsake. It will be a utility product for your bridesmaids in order to do an emergency nail fix up. The snap closure is kind to the wet nails and ensures that the nail polish will never get smeared. The leather surface can be custom embossed with the initial of the bridesmaids.

Elegant Reflections Collection Purse Design Mirror Compacts

This chic mirror has a unique purse –type appeal, which sets perfect unison with the gaiety of your wedding. We are sure your bridesmaids will be immensely happy with this purse designed mirror. While the dual sided mirror is a trustworthy companion of your fashionable bridesmaids, the hard molded surface cover and pastel tone harmonizes perfectly with any attire. The ‘Fog You’ tag attached with the silver colored bow of the package makes it personalized.

“Kensington” Personalized Travel Tumbler

This unique piece of artwork from artwork will definitely be a memorable gift for the bridesmaids, both for its functional features and aesthetics as well. This black and ivory tumbler is certainly going to be one of the reliable companions of your bridesmaids, owing of its insulated inner surface. Its greatest USP is its options for etching your own preferred name. It is capacious as well, holding 16 oz. of hot liquid. So, this functional keepsake will always remind them of your matrimony.

Personalized starfish necklace

If the marriage had been a vintage themed one, our suggestion is that this necklace with a characteristic starfish pendant is the ideal gift for your lovely bridesmaids. The custom initial on this pendant will surely make your bridesmaids flowed on you. While the starfish shaped pendant is its prime attraction, the eye drop birthstone adds to its glamor element.

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