Piaget wedding rings glitter with elegance

Who has not heard of the Swiss jewelry maker, Piaget? Piaget jewelry is in service since 1874, catering to the ever changing taste of fashionable generation who are choosy about the jewelry they wear. Piaget is thus a living emblem of your expressions at different occasions. Hence, what can be more romantic, more luxurious than to capture the moments of your marriage and your evergreen love for each other than the Piaget wedding rings? Perhaps there is nothing more significant to show how much you love your life partner than the wedding rings from this Swiss jeweler. The signature wedding rings from the world’s most loved jewelry manufacturer are the Mini Possession wedding ring, 18K white gold wedding ring and the precious 7 diamonds wedding ring.

Piaget Wedding Rings


Formerly known as a watch making company, Piaget got its initial existence in 1874. It is the brain child of Georges Piaget, who started off with his promising project in the Swiss village of La Cote aux Fees. Now, it is the prestigious property of the Swiss Richmond group. Since 1960 the arena of its work has extended manifold. It is, at present, a great name among the fashion conscious generation. It is living up to the expectations of its prestigious clientele, diversifying from watch making to luxury jewelry range.

Inspiration and goal:

The rising popularity and trust of the customers of the Swiss watch maker have been its primary inspiration. It paved the way for the birth of the jewelry range from the same Swiss manufacturer in the later years. Thus, the journey of Piaget has been a really notable one. Staring as a simple watch maker, it moved on to cater to the niche clientele with its range of prestigious and designer watches. A sharp rise was yet to be experienced. It happened when it also added jewelry making in its area of operation. Hence, now a registered trademark company since 1943, the nascent venture of George Piaget has really gone a long way with a uniformly rising graph. We wish it offer more to its customers in the coming years.

Piaget wedding rings:

Here are some of the showstoppers of the exquisite wedding ring collections from Piaget. Have a look at 18K white gold ring with diamond studs, Mini Possession wedding ring, Possession wedding ring, Platinum Possession, 18K pink gold wedding ring, etc. The wedding ring from the brand with diamond studs or the one with pink gold hue or even the one with diamond cut will add color to her cherished moments on the wedding day. For the bridegroom too the simple curve, classy polish, durable appearance and the clean lines of the Possession is the perfect one for the day. There can be no other way to depict the eternal love in between the loving hearts than the Piaget wedding rings.

Want something heavy and noticeable. Take a look at the 18K white gold diamond Piaget ring. It features two uniform and interlinked bands with a prominent uninterrupted motion in the overall structure. The bands are further embellished with diamonds of round and square cutting to impart the much talked about elegance of Piaget wedding rings. Talking about the conventional wedding ring with a twist, there can be nothing more beautiful than Platinum. Simplicity is its signature style. The natural silvery steel color of the metal, platinum has been kept intact. So, embellishments have been deliberately avoided to make it the perfect choice for the platinum lovers. But those who are in love with platinum as much as they love diamonds must have a look at Platinum diamond from Piaget. The row of precious, neatly cut, glowing diamonds on the solid base of platinum will really leave you mesmerized.

Why Buy?

The most relevant answer to the question as why to buy Piaget wedding rings only is that there can be nothing more suitable to make a live portrayal of your eternal love for your life partner. Isn’t this the occasion where price hardly matters? Similarly, if you talk about the practical purpose of Piaget wedding rings then they are the valueless possessions of the lifetime. It is the quality of material, the excellent workmanship and astounding design that has won Piaget wedding rings the title of 6th most prestigious jeweler brand of the world. It was given the rank by The Luxury Institute after a research and survey on top jewelry brands all over the world. So, look no further and capture your precious moments forever in these wedding rings.

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