How to plan a hollywood theme wedding

Theme wedding is the new trend in the wedding celebration where Hollywood style or Hollywood theme wedding is the pinnacle. This particular version offers scope for unlimited creativity and leaves it to the designer to make it as glam as possible. From the panache of forty’s to the dazzling look of this era, hollywood theme can offer you all. In hollywood theme you do not just portray you actually live your favorite actor for the night or you can even use your imagination to create your own drape. There are no restrictions how one manages the theme, it’s entirely your creativity that matters. Form invites to food each must smell of hollywood.

Hollywood Themed Wedding


Your first impact is the invite. Invite should go with the exact era which you choose for the theme. That means it should flaunt elegance if you are into 40’s or boast glamour if you are choosing in very period and so on. The invite should take a form of official letter for some award function and should speak of dress code like gowns for ladies and suits for men’s. Cards can be gold or silver lined and has immense scope for creativity and should give a glimpse of what are your plans for the night. Guest’s should feel as if they are invited to a red carpet function to receive an Oscar.

Wedding décor

Themes are actually invented so that guests should become a part of the party. Your décor should very silently shout of the precision of the theme that means is it vintage or early 60’s or any other. Red carpet is the most essential thing for grand welcome of the guests. After the entrance they might find out stand-up cut outs life size of the actors of the era. There are endless things that can be done like directors chair at the entrance and movie clap board with the label ‘directed by’ at the buffet table. For centerpiece decorations award trophies can be used.

Wedding attire

For groom best suited is a tuxedo shaped to his body with neat hair cut. For the bride v-cut neck in satin or silk will work with pearls and diamonds embracing neck and ears. Bride can carry a golden brooch or a family heirloom. The attire should be classy with satin and silk reviving the old days focusing on brides face rather than too flashy to catch eyes. Groomsmen can wear single button suit or black tie while bridesmaids should or can wear superior quality feather boas. Consider wearing flower in the hair as a part of accessories.

Wedding accessories and shoes

The accessories include the bags and mementoes that the guests will take back home. These bags should be engraved with the date of your wedding and should be designed in the same color as your wedding theme color. For the mementoes, you can give them award shaped trophies with some appreciation written or some frame having vintage actors along with the wedding date. Bags should contain gourmet, candles and especially thank you card with the name of the guests.

Wedding food

The menu should be well judged with perfect main course and entries. For the food you can serve fillet mignon and lobster with desert as red velvet cake and cheese cake. Serve the guests with wine and champagne before the main course starts. The cutlery should be classy like silver plates and crystal glasses. For the wine old fashioned martinis will fit the space.

Wedding music

Music will serve best to make the guests part of the theme. Music will go according to the theme of the party. Calm and composed music from late 40’s will do if you have a theme like that and a DJ can play dance music to bring guests to the floor. If you don’t want guests on the floor a swirl band can give music that will suit the theme and serve in background as in classics. A pre arrangement of a dance instructor will add laurels.

Wedding transportation

In the end and for a perfect end my choice is the vintage Rolls Royce or a chauffeured Limo. But transportation is no just about groom and bride. You need to take care of the guests as well. From the start you need to set your budget and how many guests you count. Then decide do you want limo for the entire procession or will work on pick drop service. Check out the details of the guests and provide each with maps. The bride and groom parties should have separate facilities and very separate from one just for bride and groom. Check out with the provider day before the occasion.

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