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An Indian wedding is usually a lavish affair and is famous worldwide for its great pomp and show along with a serious focus on rituals and traditions. Owing to the diverse cultural background, the style of weddings in India differs according to the region and the religion. If you are planning to get married in India, you must decide the theme, location in advance to enjoy the best in what an Indian wedding has to offer. Whether you choose some pristine location the south of India or go for a royal wedding in Rajasthan, you will cherish the exotic memories for years.

Wedding in India

Why India?

If you are planning to get married in a distant place for excitement, fun and thrill, then India could be one of the best destinations. Indian weddings are renowned worldwide for their vibrant and joyous ceremonies and royalty. Moreover, India is a country of various religions. Therefore the different sects celebrate this grand occasion in distinct ways. The popular wedding time is from October to February as climatically the temperature is moderate, dry and sunny. The cost of getting married in India depends on the time of year when the wedding is being held. A luxurious wedding can be planned in any 5-star hotel, most of which proffer the entire decor and planning related to the wedding either themselves or by some specific wedding planner. You can also go for a simple wedding by hiring an Indian wedding planner who will make all the required arrangements.

Type of wedding

1. Muslim Wedding

Muslim wedding

‘Nikaah’, as called in Urdu, is the wedding ceremony of Muslims. This grand occasion is celebrated in a splendid way nowadays. There is no particular auspicious time or season for this ceremony to take place. It can be conducted at any convenient time. The Muslim wedding is traditionally organized either at the groom’s or bride’s place. Presently, this joyous ceremony is carried out in banquet halls, hotels or community centers due to the availability of enough space and suitability to all. The entire occasion constitute of pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals that are strictly followed. All of the wedding rituals take place in a very charming and sophisticated way.

2. Punjabi weddings or Sikh Wedding
Punjabi wedding

A Punjabi or Sikh wedding is known as Anand Karaj that means “Blissful Union.” All the traditional and rituals that takes place in the entire ceremony reflects Punjabi culture. The rituals of a Punjabi wedding are quite similar to that of Hindu wedding. Various different ceremonies related to the pre- wedding and post wedding are conducted at the bride’s and the groom’s place, with different music and dance. Some of the pre-wedding ceremonies include tahka, mangni, roka, sangeet etc. The rituals at the wedding include milni, jaimala, phere, juta chhupai etc. Post wedding ceremonies include, vidaai, pag phere etc. All these rituals are celebrated with great joy, happiness and excitement.

3. Gujarati Wedding Ceremony

Gujarati Wedding

Gujarati weddings ceremonies are the most interesting and vibrant among all traditional weddings of India. The colorful attire, various luscious cuisines and beautiful music and dances create a grand ambiance for this joyous occasion. There are various customs and traditional poojas that are solemnized during the wedding. The pre-wedding ceremonies include the customs like Pithi, Mehndi and Mandap Muharat. A grihshanti pooja is also organised to bring peace and prosperity to their family. The famous Garba dance enthrals all the guests and the entire venue saturating the ambience with enthusiasm and liveliness. The customs at the weddings are similar to the other traditional Indian weddings like jaimala, kanyadaan etc. while including some Guajarati traditions like Hastamilaap, Madhuparka, Saubhagyavati Bhava and Chero Pakaryo. The post wedding ceremonies like vidaai and ‘Ghar Nu Laxmi’ i.e. welcome ceremony of the bride at groom’s home are some of the interesting customs in a Gujarati wedding.

4. Telugu wedding

Telugu Wedding

A Telugu wedding of Andhra Pradesh is quite dissimilar in customs and traditions than those from its neighbouring states in south India. The bride’s brother and her maternal uncle plays the major role in every custom. The famous rituals include mangalam snanam, aarti, ganesh and gowdi pujan, kanyadan, sumangli, tying of mangalsutra, saptapadi and many other.

5. Bengali Wedding
Bengali Wedding
A Bengali wedding is full of heritage customs and traditions. Being the most religious part of the country a Bengali wedding is occupied with religious poojas and colorful rituals. These traditions are followed strictly in a lavish or a simple marriage by the entire family of the couple before, during and after the wedding. There is a wave of full excitement among everyone participating in the grand occasion.

Wedding venues

1. Wedding Venues in Jaipur


Jaipur is known as the Pink city of India and is famous for its royal palaces and big 5-star hotels. So, if you are planning to get married in a lavish and elite way, Jaipur is the perfect place. Several wedding venues are perked up for the gala affair in your life in a style that you desire. The pink city welcomes you in its princely style to set off for the new journey of your life.

2. Wedding venues in Goa

Goa offers a heavenly and beautifully romantic ambience for you to tie the knot. It is a perfect destination for a sunset wedding or a beach wedding with hotels and resorts having sea facing lawns and indoors. The beaches of Goa like Calangute, Betul, Palolem, Baga etc. are the most happening beaches of Goa. The hotels, resorts etc. located on these places are the most exotic venues for the sacred bond of matrimony. The traditional food, music and dance adds to the charm of the wedding ceremony.

3. Exotic Venues in Kerala

The quiet and scenic beauty of Kerala is attracting more and more people to getting married here. Various hotels and resorts located along the banks of palm fringed canal or lake are the famous venues for the joyous occasion like wedding. For instance the Leela resort in Kovalam is well known for arranging exquisite beach weddings.

4. Wedding venues in Udaipur


The city of lakes and palaces, Udaipur is amongst the most amorous and charming places in India.the beautiful city has an abundance of majestic and royal palaces in which you can actually get married in a princely style. This is why it is one of the most desired places to tie the knot. Udaipur consists of a flock of wedding venues if you are expecting to get married in an exotic and royal manner. The wedding venues include palaces like Shiv Niwas Palace, Jagmandir Palace, Udai Kothi etc. that have been transformed into perfect ideal wedding venues.

5. Wedding Venues in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is amongst the famous tourism places in the world. This Indian state is known for its cultural antiquity. The heritage royalty of Rajasthan is preserved by the various elegant palaces and forts and the same can be seen in heritage hotels and resorts of the state. These Royal fiestas have now become the dream destinations of couples to get married. The wedding venues in the state offers world class luxury with top-notch facilities for wedding in a princely style.

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