Popular styles of titanium wedding rings

Progressively, titanium is soon gaining the popularity among the wedding couples. The metal has got the reliability that is essential for the wedding ring to have and it also gives a great variety when it comes to the styles of the wedding rings that one can choose from. There are two main types of the titanium wedding rings that you must know. The first ones are the tension set rings and the others are the laser texture wedding rings. You will also find a mixture of these two styles in the market these days. For your ease and to have a good know-how about the various kind and forms of the titanium rings that are in fashion, check below in the list.

Titanium 3mm & 6mm polished wedding rings

A wedding ring set that contains one 3mm wedding ring and the other one of the 6mm width forms a very good choice for the classic or the vintage themed weddings. The 3mm ring is designed for the brides and the 6mm one is for the grooms. Each of the rings come with the comfort fitting and has been made from the high quality titanium with a wonderful polishing and finish. These come in two different luxury boxes and have been made by the unique jewelry brand. The price is in the range of $91 for the both.

Titanium and cubic zirconia set wedding ring

Available in sizes ranging from M to Z, this wedding ring suits every wedding budget. The style of the ring is modern and stylish that is evident in its looks. This one is a ring that has been made with the combination of the titanium and the cubic zirconium. It has a shiny exterior that lasts for a lifetime and comfort is something that is characteristic to this wedding ring.

Lord of the Rings themed titanium wedding ring

Those who are a great fan of the movie Lord of the Rings have something here that they can cherish as a memorable wedding ring. This is a ‘Lords of the Rings’ themed wedding ring that is built all in titanium. It is a unique ring and has a black texture that makes its lovable for the couples who are in love with the black color. A bride and groom can order a set of these rings so that they have a common ring to their wedding fingers.

8mm flat style brushed titanium wedding ring

To add a variety among the titanium wedding rings and the people who love the simplicity to the core of their hearts, this is a titanium wedding ring that is flat in style and make and has been wonderfully brushed to suit to the comfort of the wedding finger. The width of the wedding ring is 8mm and it can be procured in all the different sizes. This makes a good ring for the traditional goers. The inside of the ring is polished and it has been made from the hypoallergenic titanium.

Light blue sapphire set titanium wedding ring

Making all new style statement in the category of the titanium wedding rings, this is a wedding ring that has a single light blue sapphire set to the center of its titanium make. This serves as an exquisite court wedding ring that can be availed in variety of sizes for both bride and the groom. The price for this ring is too affordable as it starts from the $60 price range to make it a choice for even the couples who cannot spend that much on their wedding rings.

8mm mens planished titanium wedding ring

Masculine by its appearance, this makes a great titanium wedding ring for the groom’s wedding finger. Having a width of the 8mm and a depth of 2.3 mm this ring has a hammered or the planished finishing to its center. The chamfered edges of the wedding ring, sets a contrast with the way it has been polished to perfection. Inside of the ring has the logo saying ‘Titanium’ and it is too much comfortable to wear. Being experimental in the style this is a ring that is a recommended one as one does not get to express love with unique wedding rings quite often.

14K gold plated titanium wedding ring

With a 10 numbered size this is a 14 carat gold plated titanium wedding ring that is ideal for grooms. The ring has got the color of the two tones. Width of the ring is 7mm and the style is the band style. The inner part of the wedding ring has been polished brilliantly so as to provide a comfort fitting to the wearer. Also the titanium logo has been engraved to the interior to ensure the high quality of the titanium that has been used in this ring formation.

Diamond set titanium wedding ring

The magic of the diamond is such that many a people who are just about to wed and opting for their wedding rings, want the pretty looking diamond on it. So for the ones who have this passion this titanium ring is just what they would have ever needed! This is a light profile wedding ring with the 3mm width. It is simple yet classic in its design and has a princess cut 0.02 carat diamond set to it to make it look gorgeous as a wedding ring.

Polished offset lined groove titanium wedding ring

This is a polished offset lined groove titanium wedding ring that certainly has some chic and modern style attached to its features. It weighs about 1.7 grams. The profile of the wedding ring is flat with 4mm width and 1.7 mm depth to it. It has a decorative finish that puts it into the category of the decorative wedding rings. Evidently, from its structure and the comfort style that it has got this makes a beautiful ring to symbolize your love with.

Titanium trilogy sapphire wedding ring

7mm in width this is a titanium wedding ring that has the hypoallergenic titanium used for its preparation. The ring has three beautiful sapphires added to it on the exterior. It makes a great option to choose as the groom’s wedding ring. The trilogy of the sapphires is something that provides to the ring its uniqueness. In place of the sapphires you can also order for the other stones of your preference.

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