Rules to display your wedding hat etiquettes

When you are choosing to wear a hat at your or someone else’s wedding, there are some simple rules that will reflect your etiquettes in front of all other guests. So, you need to be prepared to complement this accessory well with your dress. First, choose your hat that seems comfortable to wear and suits your own style. Select it on the basis of your height and shape as tall people look better in hats with wider brims and short people in smaller hats. Once you have chosen your hat, remember these few rules that would not make you look rude or indifferent while you are taking care of your hat.


Don’t try to outshine your host

If you are the mother of the groom, always wear a smaller hat than the mother of the bride’s. This basic etiquette indicates guests don’t have any motives of outshining their hosts.

Accessorizing your hat

If you are the bride and getting your bridal headpiece or hatband adorned, make sure that the accessories like feathers, flowers or any other embellishment are done on the right hand side as is done in the traditional way. But, men should get it done on the left hand side of their hats.


Taking the hats off or not

Hats are usually treated as part of ensembles and fashion accessories for ladies. So, they are not required to take off their hats while going indoors. On the other hand, men should always be without hats inside the reception venue. They should also take off their hats when they are in a religious building, such as a church or when they are being clicked for photographs. This is quite a basic etiquette that many people are unaware of. Additionally, men should keep their hats off while talking to ladies, especially their mom-in-law so as to offer them respect.

Tipping the hat

As it is considered rude to show your inside hat lining, always make the outside visible when taking it off or tipping it. Hold the inside of the hat against your torso when you remove it.


Giving the perfect shot

While being photographed, don’t let your hat drown your head and shoulders. Adjust it so your face is clearly visible. Always give a perfect shot with hats on or off.

Follow these golden rules and you would look perfect in your accessory. If you are a couple, make sure you do not comment on others going messy with their hats. That is the most important of all the wedding hat etiquettes. So, keep your hats on in a stylish manner.

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