Solitaire engagement rings for bride-to-be

The D Day should be marked with the perfect exchange of rings. The more cuts in a diamond, the more the woman’s eyes twinkle. After all, the value of a the shiny rock can only be known by the wearer. It’s a known fact the these rocks have proved their unfathomable worth over the centuries and never once has it surpassed its true value for mankind. Beset within a different combinations of metals, the value increases or decreases accordingly. Of course, a woman’s urge to own this little beauty in the palm of her hand shall never cease. But all that can be done is to keep it curbed by giving her the best of the best on your engagement.

Black Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Give the love of your sweetheart a memorable token of love as you slip the ring set in white gold in her finger. Stealing the show in the overall designing is the well placed black diamond that has been cut to precision. The stunning engagement 0.5 Ct ring will fetch unending compliments and make the soon-to-be bride blush like never before. The beautiful ring has been made from 10K white gold and has a polished finish.

¾ Carat Diamond 14K white gold solitaire engagement ring

The ring is absolutely stunning and a perfect expression of love. The 14K white gold will be well complemented by the presence of a ¾ Carat diamond that will dazzle all the worth and make jaws drop. The round cut sparkly white diamond makes the ring look truly glamorous and has all the traits that make it a classy statement piece. The beautiful ring will definitely dazzle your love interest and will be a true expression of love.

¾ Carat Diamond Bridal 14K two tone gold solitaire engagement ring

Express you love with this staggering engagement ring set in two tones of gold that lend it some opulent exquisiteness. A round diamond surrounded by white gold with a few touches of the yellow colored metal will prove to be the best way to put forward your commitment. The delicate ring boasts of a ¾ Carat diamond set in 14K of white as well as yellow gold. The stunning piece of jewelry has a modern appeal, which will wow everyone around as the two of you walk hand in hand.

Diamond Solitaire Ring white

The ring is the only thing which can seal your future. The shiny rock lies neatly placed between the white silvery sides, letting the solitaire set forth its uniqueness. The 10 karat white gold is giving perfect company to the 0.1 carat diamond. The band width has been set at 1.5 mm, making it absolutely right for you ring finger. Classified as a Princess diamond, the royal rock will ensure it makes you feel like a member of the royal clan only.

Diamond Solitaire Ring Yellow

The subtle combination of polished 10 carat gold yellow gold with a 0.1 carat diamond ensconced in the middle gets the mood going. The diffused look of the gold is offset by the bright shiny rock in between. To top it all, the solitaire is a well preferred rock for women of all age groups. This fact has been well proven seeing the soaring sales of the solo cut rocks. This will be the perfect choice to get the stones rolling for your wedding vows.

Platinum 1 Carat Excellent Cut H VS1 Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Leave your loved one wheezing with this absolutely gorgeous engagement ring. The beautiful piece with brilliantly cut zirconias has been set in 14K bands that are gold plated. The lustrous yellow gold piece of jewelry has looks to cherish forever, which will express your eternal love in a highly modern tone.

Cubic Zirconia Wedding Ring Set

Bring out the festive cheer with the classy choice of an engagement ring. The bride to be will be totally enchanted with the Cubic Zirconia Wedding Ring Set. A solitaire diamond has been set right amidst the wedding band showcasing the lower set of 5 diamonds. The young maiden will be mesmerized as the golden beauty sets in motion the enchanting marriage, spanning over a great number of years.

Diamond Solitaire Ring – White

Your beloved can never ever forget the D-day once you slip on the white Diamond Solitaire Ring on her ring finger. A solitaire diamond has its own grace, especially when its shines brightly on your partner’s finger. The slight contact of the bright sparkler with skin enlightens it by many folds. The zipping curve design will let the ring slip on as smoothly on the finger, making it the perfect choice to commemorate the memorable day.

Platinum 0.50 Carat H/SISolitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

The glitzy piece of metal has been coyly beset with a 0.25 Carat diamond center. The ½ carat diamond has been cut and fit so well, no one can question the ring’s credibility. The ring has been set inside a platinum frame, with the diamond standing out in a very attractive way. The platinum frame plays the perfect host to the cut stone, awarding it with a very beautiful, sparkling effect. Each and every cut of the stone is standing out, giving the ring a very dazzling effect.

Platinum 1.00 Carat G/VS Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

A diamond is a woman’s best friend. Your life partner deserves the best. What could be better to tie the knot with a deep set 3 diamond ring? The Platinum 1.00 Carat G/VS Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring is one of its kind and the sparkle it exudes will add a thousand glittering charms in your oncoming years. Proudly christened as the Platinum Trilogy, the richness of the Platinum will keep it shining for years and years to come.

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