South Korean couples desperate for 2006 wedding

wedding ceremony korean wedding ceremony

It seems that the South Korean people blindly believe the astrologers’ verdicts. The latest craze among the young couples proves it.

According to the fortunetellers, 2006 is the most auspicious year for tying the knot. This is the only year in two centuries, which is sure to bring good luck for those brides and grooms whoever walks down the aisle.

These revered fortunetellers say that this year has two first days of spring – one in January and one in the early part of Feb 2007.

They believe:

Having two springs in a year creates prosperous energy and means it is a good time to get married.

This forecast has resulted in many lovebirds rushing to get married as soon as possible and this is definitely proving to be a good business for the wedding industry as well: because the more the number of wedding, the more is the flow of money.


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