Taiwanese women holds mock wedding after 60 years of waiting

Forced commercial sex is the worst thing that can ever happen to any women. These Taiwanese women were few of the unfortunate ones who were mercilessly dragged into this profession.

Like any other women even they had a dream to have a wonderful wedding ceremony all dressed in white but this will always remain an unfortunate chapter in their lives.

During the World War II, in many parts of Asia, sexual slavery became the source of livelihood for this group of women: the ones who are responsible for this prostitution business is the Japanese Military.

It’s almost after 60 years now that these Taiwanese women all in the age group of 82 to 90 had the day of their life all dressed in white wedding gowns. The oldest among the women at the mock wedding said: ‘People of our age didn’t dare dream of having a wedding, but now the day has come, I like it a lot.’

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