Tea length bridesmaid dresses

Are you at a fix in selecting the best tea length bridesmaid gown from the plethora of collections available? We assure your problem will be sorted out once you look at the ones we have handpicked for you. Each of them is a work of art and there can be nothing more apt for flaunting your nice sun kissed legs, slim waistline and stunning figure than these tea length dresses. Go for your hot pick and be the queen among bridesmaids.

Ruffled Ivory Gown

This bridesmaid gown is just perfect for taller women with slender contours. The sweet heart neckline reveals the boney collar bones most sensuously. The seamless, draped look of this gown has been achieved by a base lining of duchess satin on which sheer silk chiffon forms a veil. The flowy feeling of the attire is further enhanced by the two layer structure of the bridesmaid gown. The succession of carelessly formed pleats across the right bosom and the loose cascade of fabric ruffles running along the length of the dress add femininity to the gown.

Price: $95.00

Pastel Blue Bustier

Made for the woman of substance, this bridesmaid gown is smart and chic in its appeal. The low line sweet heart neckline outlines the feminine asset and the deep cleavage most subtly. The maker must have stressed on the use of silk chiffon to capture the softness of woman. The black belt running just below the bust line with a stone studded broach demarcates the gown into two distinct sections. While the lower panel features simplicity and easy flowing style the upper panel is a cluster of unintentionally formed pleats running across the bosom.

Price: $94.00

Blush Red Gown

If you have been invited for a red themed wedding then you can consider this alluring blush red bridesmaid’s gown. The maker chose chiffon to impart a soft, draped look to this gown. The beauty of the gown lies in the variegated section of ruffles all through the gown. Thus, the section that hides feminine assets is characterized by parallel lines of pleats running lengthwise. A break from monotony is achieved by incorporating simple wrap around feature around the waistline. The rest part of the gown is kept simple and flowy.

Price: $95.00

Black and White Halter

The maker dedicates this sensuous bridesmaid gown for the sexiest of woman out there. While the color palette is restricted to black and white only but creative experimentation is prevalent in the cut and contour. So, a satin panel running from the neckline across the neck highlights the plunging neckline of the gown gorgeously. The cup shaped criss-cross upper panel with pleats running diagonally focus more attention to the deep cleavage. The white fabric rose with black rims mounted on top of the black waist belt gives the gown a feel of serene romanticism. The two layered look and double hemline gives it a girlish grandeur.

Price: $95-$100

Burgundy Chiffon Gown

If the wedding theme is burgundy then this bridesmaid’s gown can be a worth buy for you. It is made for women who wish to keep it simple but stunning. Therefore, here comes the gown with a burgundy colored silk chiffon base. The A-line contour of this gown has been given a twist by incorporating shimmery satin wrap around detailing at the waistline. Further, the satin lining with its slightly longer hemline than the sheer chiffon base gives it a flirtatious lift.

Price: $90-$95

Chocolate Seduction Tea Gown

Chocolates drive women crazy. Thus, we believe that this chocolate colored tea gown will have the similar enchanting spell upon your mind. It is created for the women with fascinating body who wish to reveal it by opting for minimal clothing. So, the basic things you will find in it are an eye catching and really short hemline and low neckline. Rest of the gown is kept simple except for the loose pleats over the bosom and a contrasting ivory colored waist band with floral applique.

Price: $100.00

Lilac Chiffon Halter

We bet you will go crazy to buy this gown once you take a closer glance at it. The handkerchief cut at the front panel with revealing small cups feature loose pleats at the baseline. The bare back adds further to make this gown highly sensuous. The ruffles at the waistline with embellishments running in a straight line reveal your slim waist line brilliantly. The rest part of the gown is kept simple so that your assets could only be highlighted.

Price: $95.00

Metallic Tea Length Gown

The beauty of this gorgeous tea length gown lies not only in its cuts and contour but also the metallic finish of the fabric. It has all the spices that make a wedding immensely successful. Thus, rich silk satin with metallic yarn forms the base of the same while hint of softness is imparted by chiffon detailing at the waist line with a jewel studded broach. The draped appeal of the gown is another plus point. It has been achieved by concealed seams all over the halter and full blown ruffles at the base of the bust line.

Price: $90.00

Embroidered Pale Pink Gown

The wise selection of color and the embroidery gives the tea length bridesmaid gown a sense of luxury and richness. If you love intricate embroideries then this can be a great buy for you. The juxtaposition of pale pink tone with the vibrancy of black embroidery work is praiseworthy. Thus, the center of attraction is the broad panel of delicate embroidery running throughout the entire length of the hemline. The sobriety is kept intact by the simplicity of the gown all throughout, a bustier style and a slim black belt at the waistline.

Price: $100.00

Black Balloon Gown

Black tea gown is ideal for the evening celebrations of a wedding. Hence, this black gown is worth taking a look at. Simplicity is what you will find predominating in its style. But the monochrome palette of the attire is given a break by means of the narrow waist belt with its flowing ends dangling over the lower panel. The hemline is even more interesting with its fluffy, balloon like feature.

Price: $95.00

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