Things to consider before you give your final conscent for wedding

Have you finally decided to tie the wedlock? We will ask if you are hundred percent sure of your decision of marriage. If you think that there is a negative hunch at the back of your mind then hold on and think a number of times before giving the final consent for wedding. We suggest that it is always better to cancel the marriage beforehand than break apart after the nuptial. Therefore, if our remark really churns you then read on further and analyze your decision properly before the final say.

Do a character analysis

Before you plan to settle down with a person it is integral that you have a clear conception of his or her character. Character not only signifies how the person personally is. It also hints at other aspects that are vital for the character building of an individual. So, you must have knowledge of the friend circle the person maintains, his or her likes and dislikes and views on particular matters. If you have a misconception that character only focuses at the man being a Casanova or the woman being a slut then you are incorrect. It also means whether the person is short tempered, miser, rude or polite, kind and friendly with everybody.

Social differences matter

You cannot overlook the social status and marry a person simply because of his or her personal qualities. Since we are social beings so we have to abide by its norms. Therefore, marrying a person who is socially incompatible with you will set a hard blow on your relationship after a few years of marriage. When the initial passion of relationship will get evaporated after a couple of years of wedlock the social differences will come to the forefront. There are high chances that the partner who is socially backward will start suffering from inferiority complex and feel dominated. Similar might be the case with the one with superior base. He or she will try to take undue advantage of the situation. This will gradually create fissures in your relationship. So, expert suggestion is that it is always best to marry a person similar social status.

Know the family background

Let us be practical that marriage is not a fairy tale where everything ends happily. So, you must have a transparent idea of the family background of the person. You must know if he or she had been married earlier or if there is any issue out of that wedlock. In case if you are intentionally marrying a person who had a previous marriage then you must be confirmed that he or she had a legal divorce before tying the wedlock with you.

Do not underestimate education

Although educational background is not the only of the prima fascia of a successful marriage but it cannot be overruled either. If you are an educated doctor can you ever think of marrying a person who is a school drop out? We know that majority of the masses will say “no”. Although education might not influence your marriage directly but you might feel embarrassed in introducing your illiterate spouse among your peer group.

Money matters are crucial

Finance is a grave issue in a marital relationship. So, you cannot land yourself up in utter distress by marrying a beggar. This is more applicable for women who are deciding to get married. But in today’s world where prices of things are dear women partners are also expected to be financially independent so that the monetary needs of the family are met up properly.

Views on marriage

Since marriage is undoubtedly the most serious decision of life so you cannot juggle with your life by marrying a person who does not believe in nuptial tie. Therefore, it is your primary duty to try to understand if your partner is interested in this legal relationship or not. Figure out how committed he or she is towards you. Some of the unfortunate stories take a somersault turn after the honeymoon jitters are over. The unwilling partner gradually drifts apart making divorce evident. So, do not let that happen to you too.

Conflicts regarding offspring issues

Majority of the marriages look forward to offspring after a few years of the wedlock. But it is not necessary that both partners in that relationship long for a baby with equal intensity. While one partner might have a hectic professional life and practically no time to tend a baby other partner might not try to understand the situation at all. This will only result in strife and quarrel every day after marriage. Medical reasons might also prevent one of the partners from delivering kids. It is best that you have a talk with your spouse on this beforehand and sort matters amicable. This will be far better than to land up in a disturbing marriage.

Medical measures are crucial

Who knows if the man you are planning to get married to is suffering from AIDS or not? Lack of knowledge might make your condition at stake. Both your wife to be and you might be thalassemia minor. Your lack of knowledge about your counterpart might give birth to a thalassemia major baby. So, never overlook medical conditions of your would be spouse before getting married. Have open talk on this and if needed both of you must go for a medical checkup before marriage.

Mental frequencies are vital

Nowadays married couples are calling it quits since they do not have compatible mental frequencies. So, do not let that happen to you. Try to figure out what are the views of your would be spouse on a particular matter. It might be your hobby, your tastes or your likes and dislikes. Analyze these views with your own outlook on the same issue. After such repeated analysis things will be clearer to you whether you are going to click with each other or not.

Love matters the most

Love is the most important criteria above all the factors that determine whether you should agree to a marriage or not. You cannot get married to a person whom you do not love and think of spending your entire life with him or her successfully. You can never compromise in a loveless relationship throughout your life. So, first feel your love for your would be spouse and let him or her feel the same too before committing for the marriage.

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