Things your man wishes you knew

Do you wish to be your man’s ultimate choice? The only secret to your success to become his soul mate is that you should be able to read his mind. Even the expert proponents of relationship secrets feel that men wish women knew a few integral things. But what are those secrets? Let us walk down these relationship secrets of men and women and update ourselves.

A different way of expressing love

You will only fool yourself if you wish that your man would come rushing to you every now and then and remark that he loves you. This is either common for celluloid characters or in some cases, the fairer sexes. Men are made from different material. So, they would convey that they love you in a different manner, such as by helping you fix a problem, doing a few plumbing jobs that ease your problem or do some marketing quite unexpectedly. Some men would also turn workaholic just to make you financially happy and give you all the comfort of the world! You need to read in between the lines and understand that they say ‘I love you’ by such gestures.

They rely on your commitment

Men may have the bad name of being escapists when the question is about commitment. It might be a mammoth task for you to make your guy commit to you that he will marry you. But this is not a negative trait at all. They are actually very serious about commitments. So, they would rather stay away from committing and breaking than to give their final word and live up to it. Hence, never expect that your guy will commit very easily.

Do not nag as he is listening

Most of the times women forget that men have ears too. So, your guy listens to every thing that you say. Therefore, it is unnecessary to go on repeating, “Listen to me” every time you are talking to him or solving an issue. It is just that men do not like to look too concentrated when you talk at times. One reason behind this may be your nagging attitude. Sometimes they also fear that taking active part in discussions will end in the same in a nasty quarrel. So, they take the stance of being vegetable listeners!

Searching for an activity partner

Females prioritize on emotions and sentiments and wish that their men will share the same with them. The story is different in case of men. They want activity partners. But, they would never ask you to accompany them in their pleasure activities. You need to take the initiative and show that you have the same interest in some of his activities too. Your man will treasure your company.

They need to breathe

Females remain indifferent of the fact that their men need breathable space too. Men love their women very much. But they love their own spaces equally. So, if you wish your man to live in your shoes, you are wrong! This will never make him content and your relationship will never be a happy one. Hence, give him space to breathe so that he can pursue his aspirations during that time. You will never be like a fetter on his neck ever if you follow this.

Men are mentally firmer

You will hardly find a man who has become mentally shattered. This never means that men are heartless. Actually they are firmer as compared to the fairer sex. So, they have the God gifted ability to get out of negative feelings and emotions faster than women. Consequently, they get back to the normal life faster. Hence, never underestimate man’s heart. Rather appreciate the firmness they possess.

They do not understand subtle clues

If you feel that your guy will be able to look into your eyes and decipher what your heart is trying to convey, your aspirations will only be turned down. So, remove such a notion immediately. Men are hardcore people and are incapable to interpret subtler hints. Actually, this task is meant for the fairer sex. So, never bully your man for his insensitivity and brood that you are the unluckiest women with the dumbest partner. On the contrary, if you really need him to be active, speak up and let him know what you wish to convey.

Appreciations melt them

How many times have you appreciated your guy? If you do not have a sound answer to this, start right off and appreciate him for a really praiseworthy job. You will be surprised to see the remarkable change in him! Men love being appreciated and the next time he will perform much better than you have ever accepted. You will be even more awestruck to know that appreciations melt the hearts of even the strongest of men.

Men love sex

It is not at all deniable to admit that sex and love go hand in hand for men. Majority of men below the age of 60 fantasize about sex at least twice as much as women of the same age do! They think of sex at least once a day for sure and would want to look at their partners from a sensuous angle very frequently. There is absolutely nothing to make him feel embarrassed about the same and consider them as perverts. So, the better alternative that you can do is to try to make his dreams successful once in a while by responding to his sex fantasies. He will be flowed on you!

He appreciates when you initiate it

While most of the times women push the buck towards men, thinking that they would take the initiative to get intimate, surprise your guy by becoming the initiator of sex! To be very true, men love bold women and appreciate it immensely when their female partners take the role of sex initiator. Basically, your sensuous moves and gestures act as stimulus for your guy and he will never try to overlook it. Rather, he will love to be your sex slave!

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