Things you should never wear to a wedding


Got a wedding invitation? Your mind might have already started ticking about what to wear and how to set the party on fire on the occasion. But, what you must not wear to a wedding is equally important to consider. Although you might have a sound knowledge about what to wear on a wedding, you will never be regarded as a fashion conscious individual if you do not have a clear idea of what not to wear. We will help you out in rearranging your wardrobe by pointing out the stuffs that you must keep away from while attending a wedding. Have a look!

Black attire

Although you might see the bridegroom in his black tuxedo on the day of wedding, to be honest, only he is entitled to sport this color and no one else. It is especially condemned for the fairer sexes. Black generally symbolizes the bad omen and stands for mourning and funerals. So, a wedding is a happy event where black will look out of the lot. Therefore, never pick up black attires for wedding.

Skimpy and revealing clothes

You might take pride in your stunning figure and nice legs. But wedding is not an occasion where you are supposed to reveal them. So, if you had decided to step into revealing and skimpy attire for a wedding, we will ask you to put that away in your wardrobe. Moreover, the bride is the prime attraction of the day and not you. Hence, never try to grab all attentions towards you on her D-day by making a free exhibition of your assets!

Casual tees and jeans


You might be a person who lives in a pair of jeans and casual T-shirts permanently. But you have to break from that tradition while attending a wedding invitation. Even if the wedding is entirely casual or it is being arranged at the backyard of your home, it hardly matters. The prime factor is that it is a nuptial and you are bound to live up to its decorum and protocols.



If you are about to attend a nuptial which is based on a beach wedding theme, you might have considered that flip flop is the best footwear that will comply with the occasion. Unfortunately, the theory is completely erroneous. Even the most casual wedding will not give you the liberty to walk around in flip flops! Unless it is specially instructed that the theme calls for flip flop footwear, stay away from the same even though you might have a pair of pricey flip flops.

Traditional tuxedo

You might have reserved your favorite tuxedo for the most coveted wedding invitation. Unfortunately, we will discourage you from wearing the same on that occasion unless you are the groom yourself. A formal tuxedo is completely a bridegroom’s property on that D-day. Unless the wedding is based black-tie affair, you must stay away from tuxedos.

Vintage attire


Even if you take pride in your grandfather’s waist coat, never think of wearing the same to a wedding invitation. Unless the theme compels you, you should stay away from such vintage clothing. Therefore, bell bottoms, bobby printed gowns and bishop sleeve will make you a laughing stock in the wedding. It is wise to stick to the contemporary clothing only.



A tiara is definitely one of the most beautiful hair accessories for a woman. But, unfortunately, tiara is a wedding is not your ideal pick. It is specially meant for the bride to be. You cannot choose something that will grab all attention towards you and outshine the bride. So, tiara is seriously condemned in a wedding.

Prom dress


Prom dress is ideally meant for the pretty young girls and teenagers in a wedding. So, even if you have received ample of praises whenever you have attended a wedding reception wearing your favorite prom dress, you have to keep it away in your cupboard when you become a matured and elderly lady. Even if you still have the same slim figure, a prom dress will rather look cadaverous and mismatch with your age.



You might look really smart in a pant suit and it might be your second skin, but wedding is never an occasion where you should walk in wearing pantsuits. This dress is seriously meant for the corporate sector, being characteristic office attire. But, you are not going you do any professional deal or attend meeting in a wedding! Thus, swap pantsuit for a nice dress so that you do not look mismatch.

A garish and loud attire


You have to understand that the wedding is not a place where you are supposed to create a melodrama. It is the bride who will get the sole attention. Playing it too loud with a garish makeup or extremely loud costumes and accessories will look as if you are trying to outshine the bride. To be honest, you will definitely draw attention of all sporting such an awkward appearance. But the ridiculous part of it is that it will not be a praiseworthy look. People will point fingers as you and laugh aloud!

White is not for you


White is the most authentic and traditional color that symbolizes wedding. But you are not the one who is at liberty to flaunt white! The color is meant for the bride only on the day of her nuptial. So, flaunting white dress will only subject you to get mistaken with the bride. The same rule applies for off white and ivory too as some wedding trousseau do come in these tones. So, settle for dark creme, ecru and light butter if you are too keen for a monochromatic color palette.

Too much jewelry


Women definitely love to adorn themselves with jewelry. But you need to keep it a bit mellowed down so that you do not look jazzier than the bride. Rather, go for simple trinkets to complement with your overall attire and reserve the more glamorous look for the bride only.

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