How to have a wedding ceremony in zombie style

Some people tow traditional lines, some try doing different. There is no constraint for such people and they try doing different whatever the occasion is – marriage is no exception. If you want to make your marriage different and most happening moment of your life, what better way to do it than zombie style? There are different ways and different ceremonies and customs to getting married in the world but this is an innovative and a different way to ditch the conventional wedding traditions and let your inner zombie emerge.


If you are the one who desire to have this type of wedding ceremony, then you need to know some important things about this.

Tips for a Successful Zombie Wedding


Ghoulish location is an ideal location for a successful zombie wedding and a cemetery is actually the quintessential location for this occasion. You can also find a field that looks a little creepy or overgrown as an alternative. However, be respectful if your party takes place near a burial.

Team of Professionals

To transform your wedding from ho hum to zombie couture you need to have a team of professionals who will make your wedding realistic. Instead of having traditional flowers and make-up, just make sure that you are working with a professional team who have experience with monster and zombie transformations.


Dress and Make-up

Forget your clean, beautiful white wedding dress and lovely make-up. You need to wear untidy and horrible cloths and your face should be pale and dead looking because real zombies do not wear brand new, crisp white gowns. For real zombie look buy a pale complexion powder and wear black, tattered bloody dress. Slash the cloths of bride and groom and cover them with fake bloods.

Stage some Drama

You can attack your guests; stage some horrible drama with ghoulish and thriller background music, behave like zombies and act like zombies. Tell your friends that they will be part of a zombie invasion. You can make your wedding more realistic by warn your friends and especially the bridesmaid to wear untidy, tattered bloody and red cloths.

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