Things to consider for mothers of the bride and groom

As making the wedding arrangements is a hassling task in itself, you could support your son or daughter if they are soon to be getting married. Here are some tips for you if you are the mother of the bride or the groom in order to make the wedding day special and memorable for your children.


Be the couple’s support system

Nowadays, it does not matter if you as parents or your children are paying for their wedding, the major say is of the bride and the groom. They decide what happens, when and how as it is the most important day of their life. There are many stressful decisions they need to make for their wedding day and they expect you to support them. Therefore, you should avoid setting expectations of your own. If you provide too many inputs, that could be stressful for your children.

Start on the right note

You should tell the couple about the things you may help them out with. Discuss what you require and they will be more than happy to invite you to offer support to them. Also, keep your voluntary help realistic and only promise what you can deliver so that there is no last-minute panic.

Get to know about the in-laws

Usually after the engagement of the couple, there is a get-together arranged by the groom’s parents so wedding plans can be discussed with the bride’s family. But, there is hardly any requirement of it and you may just meet the other side on dinner so you may get to know about their opinions and plans for the couple’s wedding. The more you know about the in-laws of your son or daughter, the better it is to connect with them.

Don’t invite guests too soon

Do not start calling up your relatives or friends as soon as the engagement is announced. This is pretty early to do that as the guest list is not finalized till then. Let the list finalize and then gather knowledge about the number of people that can be accommodated from your side.


Be discreet

Sometimes, mothers get engaged in gossips with their invited relatives and friends about the planned ceremony and arrangements as they get quite excited about some elements of the wedding. You should avoid this if you do not want it to spoil the fun and enthusiasm of the couple on their wedding day.

Thus, follow some rules if you are the mother of the would-be bride or groom. These practices could help your children plan a great wedding for themselves, as well as have a bright after-marriage life.

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