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Bride Speech


Weddings are an occasion, which people look forward to. An integral part of weddings are the speeches delivered by the groom, the bride’s father, or the bride herself. Speeches are written and rehearsed in advance. In the olden days only the men used to give speeches and the bride used to sit quite listening to them. However, now even the bride gives speeches and the age old tradition has been broken. A lot of effort is put into planning for the weddings, making the arrangements, etc., and the bride’s side of the family needs to be thanked for the arrangements. This is one occasion when the bride can deliver a sentimental or thanks giving speech.

1. When to give the speech

The bride needs to decide on when to give the speech. The placement of the speech should be such that people listen and give importance to the event. She can give the speech before anyone else does or simply wait for her husband’s speech to end. She can also have it after the best man’s speech so that people eagerly wait for her speech and she can lay a mark.

2. Thanking the parents

The bride’s speech would definitely be a touchy one in parts where she can thank her parents for supporting her since birth and also how they did a very good job by managing all their children equally. She can express gratitude and let them know how important they are for her and hence make them feel proud. A short story from her childhood, which she remembers a lot can be narrated at this moment.

3. Gratitude to parents-in-law

It would show a good sign if the bride can involve the parents-in-law in her speech. Mentioning them, and thanking them for welcoming her to the family would be wonderful. She can also say she would take care of their son and not leave his side in thick and thin. This would make them feel satisfied.

4. Thanking the guests

The bride can also include the guests and special people who came to attend the wedding just for her. She can show how grateful she is as they came from far away for her special day. Thanking the bridesmaids, the best man, and the other special people can show her feelings for them. She can take names if she wants to the people who helped her plan the wedding and choose certain important things.

5. Love to the husband

The bride is entering a new phase of her life. She would be leaving her parents and loved ones for her husband. Hence it’s very important that her husband loves her very much to take care of her and her needs and understand her in all phases of life to come in the future. The bride can talk about her husband in the speech and also narrate how she met him and how they fell in love. A short story related to some important event, which has occurred in their life, which brought them close could be narrated as well.

6. Proposing a toast

The bride can propose a toast at the end of her speech if she wants, to her new life and thank everyone again for making the event a successful one. She could also introduce the next person who is to give a speech, if she is the first one to speak.

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