Tips to decorate a wedding cake

Wedding is quite an expensive affair and can prove to be can be even costlier if not managed wisely. With professional wedding cakes costing heavy bucks, it’s always wiser to make your own wedding cake decorations that will save a lot of your money. You can always put a creative thought and make a simple wedding cake look beautiful and elegant. By decorating the wedding cake in your own way, you will also get an opportunity to personalize the wedding. So, make your wedding cake a special desert for everyone attending the wedding ceremony by decorating it in beautiful way. Here are some tips.

Wedding cake decorations

1. First of all, take some non-toxic, pesticide free flowers and place all those beautiful fresh flowers in a nice arrangement. You can buy edible flowers according to the season as they look beautiful on and around a wedding cake.

2. Then create some borders, pearls or flowers with the frosting made up of pastry and butter cream frosting. You can even practice frosting before decorating the wedding cake.

3. Place the layer of the cake on a plate that can be easily rotated.

4. Then put some caramel on the top of the cake.

5. Fit an empty pastry bag with the basket weave frosting tip and place stripes of frosting on the sides of the cake.

6. You can also pipe stripe of frosting around and below the top edge of the cake

7. Add more and more frosting to the wedding cake; in between the initial vertical lines. You can do this by working on each short section at the edge of 1 vertical frost line to the next vertical line to the third one.

8. Then change the basket weave frosting tip with the star tip as it’s the time to frost a star border around the top of the cake.

9. You can beautify the cake by adding fresh berries on top of the layer of cake that looks like a basket of fruits on the cake.

Via: wikihow

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