DIY: How to make bath bombs wedding favors

Saw those little bath bombs and you wish you had them for the fantastic shower celebrations at wedding or as the pleasurable items to serve as the wedding favors? So why keep thinking and wasting your money by buying them as costly as $6.45? We are here to aid you with the procedural knowledge of creating them on your own. Read below to know more!

DIY Bath Bombs

Difficulty level: Easy

Time required: 10 minutes for one bath bomb

Things needed

These are the very essential things that you need to gather before you start with your DIY steps for making bath bombs:

· Baking soda (8 oz.)

· Corn starch (4 oz.)

· Citric acid (4 oz.)

· Epsom salts (4 oz.)

· Essential oils (2-3 tablespoons)

· Water (3/4 tablespoons)

· Food color (few drops)

· Sugar flower (just like you use for the wedding cake)

· Almond oil (2.5 table spoons)

· Round shaped plastic ornaments

· A bowl

· A jar


Just follow these simple steps:

1. In the first step you will gather all the dry ingredients that you have bought and see if you are missing on something.

Step 1

2. Now put all the dry stuff that you have got into one big bowl and stir till everything mixes up well.

Step 2

3. Now whatever comes in the category of the wet ingredients; mix all of that into a jar preferably made up of glass.

Step 3

4. Slowly add the wet mixture from the jar into the bowl that has all the dry ingredients. Take a whisk to mix them up.

Step 4

5. Well all done with the mixing you now place the sugar flower in inverted position. Put the plastic ornament upon the sugar flower.

Step 5

6. Start putting the mixture into the plastic ornament that you have with yourself. Once you are completed with the two halves of it, and then get them together tightly as one ball.

Step 6

7. With careful hands get the bath bomb released from the plastic mould. Each time you create an individual bath bomb, place it on a towel covered with wax paper. Let the bath bombs dry for a day or two.

Step 7

Things to watch out for

· Take different bowls for making bath bombs of different colors.

· The dry and wet mixtures when combined must clump together in your hands.

· If the mixture does not pack well then you must put it back into the bowl from the plastic ornament and get it mixed again with some more water. But beware of putting much of the water as it will spoil everything and you will have to do all of the steps once again.

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