Tips on how to maintain a healthy space in relationship

If you often hear your partner yelling that he/she needs space, you must read in between the lines. Actually, this is the hint that your relationship is heading towards suffocation and you are perhaps jeopardizing on his ‘space’. But if you are perplexed as you do not know how to give space to your spouse so that the insulation in your relationship lasts longer, take our help. The tips we have compiled here for you will definitely help your relationship breathe and maintain a healthy space in between the two of you.

Stop being too possessive

You might not know, but too possessive spouses make their partners go crazy. They basically cast a spell of invisible chain all over their partners. This eventually curbs their freedom and mars their spaces. Analyze whether you belong to the similar clan of over possessive spouses. In case if it is so, check yourself immediately, so that your beloved also gets a chance to lead his/her life.

Over inquisitiveness can be killing

Human beings in general are too inquisitive. Therefore, we are fond of poking our noses in places where it is not at all necessary. We continue being nosy about matters related to our spouses thinking that his/her life is our personal territory. While this is true that you share your life with your spouse, it is equally important to realize that he/she has his/her separate space too. Therefore, maintain your dignity and cease being unnecessarily inquisitive.

Show curiosity only when you are asked to

It might be killing but you need to amend your behavior if you wish to give your spouse his/her righteous space. Thus, our advice to you on this is that you must never show curiosity unless your spouse wishes for it. Be a part of his problems, complications and certain aspects of life get involved in it only when your assistance is sought after. This will make him/her feel that you are not a trespasser!

Do not dominate

Those who complain that they suffer from lack of space, often find themselves taking a passive role in their relationships. This means that their spouses are too dominating and create a menace if things fall out of their preferred norms. In case your spouse too complains that he/she needs space, find out if you are dominating the relationship or not. Change yourself and maintain a balanced relationship.

Let him/her speak

Do not take the talking part every time and giving your spouse the eternal role of a patient listener in your relationship. This will definitely make him/her retaliate one day, remarking that he/she needs space. So, amend yourself and forget taking the active role as a speaker every time. Let him/her speak too as he/she has an equal say in the relationship and wishes to convey a lot as well. You cannot consider him/her to be a puppet, who will dance to your tunes.

Do not drag him/her along with you everywhere

It is not necessary that you and your spouse need to have the same likes and dislikes. When he/she complains that he/she does not enjoy a particular thing you like take his words with seriousness. It not does not have any significance whether the hobby you like is culturally superior or not, but what is important is that he/she does not like it at all. Similarly, he/she might not feel happy to accompany you to any of your dearest relatives too. He might have his/her own reasons and you cannot overrule that at all. Therefore, never force him/her to follow you like a shadow in everything you do or everywhere you go. Let him/her live his/her own life once in a while.

Allow you spouse to pursue his/her hobby

Your spouse might have a much loved hobby just like you have. On the contrary, you might have distaste towards that hobby. We are not pointing towards a hobby that is unethical or too nasty to love. But there might be hobbies like listening to hard rock or jazzy music, to which you might have aversion. The golden rule is to let him/her enjoy all those and you remain out of it. That way none of you have to compromise on your preferences and none of you will be able to complain either that you do not have a life of your own.

Let your spouse freak out

Even after marriage your friends do not cease to exist. They demand the same time from you as your spouse. So, similar may be the case with your spouse too. You partner might miss his/her friend circle bitterly post marriage, as you do not let your spouse intermingle with them. That is not fair at all as he/she needs to enjoy every relationship in life and friends are the cardinal parts of it. So, let your beloved enjoy friend’s get-together and freaking out once in a while. He/she will never feel claustrophobic in this relationship with you that way as he/she gets chance to meet different people quite often, other than his colleagues and family members.

Put yourself in your partner’s shoes

The best way to identify why your spouse complains about lack of space in your relationship is to put yourself in his/her shoes. This is the best way by which you can self analyze and find out the role you play in making his/her life claustrophobic. You will be able to find out the areas where you need to work upon in order to loosen the suffocating fetter in your relationship. One you find your own flaws and have the big heart to accept and amend it, you will be able to make your bonding a much healthy one.

Leave behind arguments every time

It is really healthy to have light-hearted discussions and chit chats with your spouse rather than being too cynical and digging out all the problematic issues of your relationship and spending hours discussing on those every time to sit together. Being a worth communicating companion once in a while makes your partner open to complicated discussions in serious situations. But if you stick to all the problems of the world every time and keep your finger raised at him/her perennially, your partner will complain that he/she is feeling suffocating and needs space to breathe.

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