Tips to make a rolled fondant wedding cake

Are you planning to have a budgeted wedding? Then you must be scribbling down some ways to manage your wedding budget that doesn’t compromise with the quality of the wedding. Well, read on as this article is going to help you save big bucks on the most sought after thing in the reception area – the wedding cake. Rolled fondant wedding cakes are the best option and with a bit of knowledge about baking and with creative efforts, you can make a beautiful homemade rolled fondant wedding cake. Also, you will get a chance to personalize your wedding by making a rolled fondant wedding cake.

Rolled fondant wedding cakes

Things you need

1. Cake tiers

2. Fondant

3. Rolling pin and shortening

4. Fondant smoother, pizza cutter, ruler, paintbrush

5. Vanilla extract and Cake stand


1. You will have to invest a lot of money in making cake tiers so, purchase ready-made cakes and place them on the board to apply frosting.

2. Spread a small amount of shortening on a clean surface and knead the ball of fondant after coating your hands lightly with shortening.

3. The fondant should cover the first tier and before it dries out, pick it up to place over the center of the cake. Air bubbles should keep on forming so spread the fondant over the cake from the center.

4. Then create a smooth finish by spreading the fondant on the top of the cake and then moving sideways down to create a smooth finish.

5. Take pizza cutter and remove by cutting the extra fondant.

6. Your can repeat the whole process again for each tier and after finishing all cake tiers, you can decorate them with ruler and pizza cutter. Roll out beautiful strips of fondant and cut some straight lines on the cake using cutter . Roll up the ribbons to create roses or any other flowers on the cake and finish the bottom by wrapping a fondant ribbon around every layer.

7. Add a sparkle to the cake by brushing it with cake luster and then decorate each wedding cake tier on the cake stand according to the size.

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